Jimbo Fisher PC Transcript

Jimbo Fisher Press Conference transcript following Thursday's practice.

Jimbo Fisher Opening Statement:

"Great weather. Great practice. Really liked the way the guys came back today. We were enthused and executed very well. I was worried about being off four or five days and how we'd come back, but I thought we were very sharp, especially the first day back. And the kids were locked in and focused assignment wise. [We] had very few missed assignments and techniques. I'd say very good practice even better than we'd practice at home. I liked their attitude and what we did.

On the players reaction to being in Orange Bowl:

"You realize ‘Hey I'm playing in the Orange Bowl I watch this game on tv my whole life.' This is a BCS Bowl, we haven't been here in a long time. It's exciting for the school and it's exciting for them as individuals. I mean how many times do you get to play in a BCS bowl game and I think the kids are feeling that excitement and the opportunity they have in front of them."

On how hard team is practicing:

"Oh we're going hard, we'll go hard. We pride ourselves on our conditioning and how we practice. We'll go good on good tomorrow. It'll be a normal Tuesday-Wednesday practice and it'll be good, physical, hard days."

On playing a MAC team:

"They're a football team, they got 11 guys on the other side. They line up the same; linebackers, d-linemen, and they've won 21 of their last 22, so it won't be any different."

On his knowledge of NIU:

"A bunch. I've watched a ton of film and they're a heck of a football team. They're very well coached and very sound in all three phases. Very dynamic on offense, very sound on defense, make a lot of plays, aggressive, play gap control, and do a good job on special teams. They're a heck of a football team."

On gauging toughness of NIU/MAC Schools:

"No not really, you judge enough players even when watching high school film. You know a good player when you see one. They've got a bunch of good football players."

On the NIU running game:

"Well there it is, you've got to be sound because of the quarterback and the backs. They utilize it well and they've done a great job of doing what they have to do with the football, and they're very diverse."

On getting better while at Orange Bowl:

"The young guys getting an even better knowledge of our offense and the base fundamentals, because they'll get some reps in the base fundamentals that we're doing in our offense, and we've got to get better in things we do that we think we didn't do as well during the season. The little things in pass coverage, in pass rush, or in short yardage on offense, cleaning up those things. You use this as an extended spring and make sure you try to get better at what you didn't do well during the season."

On NIU quarterback Jordan Lynch and the matchup:

"Yeah I think they're a great offense. I think he's a great player and they're a great team and we will have our hands full when we play them."

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