Anquan Boldin Relishes the Big Stage

The former Florida State standout shined on the biggest stage of them all: Super Bowl XLVII.

Throughout the Baltimore Ravens postseason run, wide receiver Anquan Boldin has repeatedly come up big for quarterback Joe Flacco. Any quarterback hoping to win a Super Bowl needs a security blanket to throw to in times of need and Boldin has been just that for Flacco.

On Sunday night, Boldin continued that dominance on the biggest stage of them all: Super Bowl XLVII.

The 33-year old Boldin reeled in six passes for 104 yards including a 13-yard touchdown reception to open the scoring in the game and help the Ravens ultimately defeat the 49ers 34-31.

Not many people outside the Baltimore locker room saw this coming, though, as Boldin's production sputtered right along with the Ravens' offense for much of the 2012 regular season.

The biggest change came after a week-14 loss to the Washington Redskins when head coach John Harbaugh fired offensive coordinator Cam Cameron and promoted jim caldwell to take over playcalling duties.

Boldin's production instantly improved and continued doing so throughout the Ravens playoff run. For example, Boldin had just four touchdown catches in the regular season, but had that exact same amount in the playoffs. In Boldin's words ‘this is what it's all about.'

"Everything that you do, everything that you work for, is to get to this moment, to get to this point," Boldin said. "Over my career, this has been what it's all about. The personal accolades don't mean much to me. The money doesn't mean that much. Winning the Super Bowl, this is why I play. This is why I play through injuries. This is what I get up early in the morning to work out. All for this moment right here."

Four of Boldin's catches either extended drives on third down or ended with a touchdown. "Beast," was the only word that came to mind when Flacco was asked to describe Boldin's performance .

"He came up huge," Flacco said. "He did a great job on getting open on some of the routes that he had. And we relied on his big time at the end with one of those third downs. They rotated over the top of him, so you really wouldn't throw that ball too much. He got a little bit of separation there and he did a great job of catching the football. That's a beast right there."

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