21 for 21: Wrapping up the 2013 Class

Florida State signed 21 prospects on Wednesday and will now look forward to Spring football. NoleDigest has a final look at the class.

The Play-Maker: Matthew Thomas

We go to all types of high school football games and have been for awhile, ole no. 6 is worth the price of admission. He is always around the football and can actually play at all three levels of the defense (DL, LB, DB). Special talent.

Be Ready: Ryan Green. Desmond Hollin. Demarcus Walker. Jalen Ramsey.

Green is just an injury away from being in the mix at the running back position. Given his elite physical tools, he may find a role in the offense anyway.

It is no secret that FSU is not deep at DE, both Hollin and Walker will need to be able to provide reps at DE. The better they are, the more options that FSU will have with several players.

If Ramsey can come in and make an immediate impact, that would be a great sign for not only Ramsey, but FSU. The picture at DB would clear up considerably if this is a potential three year starter.

Thomas provided the class a huge boost on signing day
Geoff Vogt, Scout.com

Best in Show: The Linebackers (Thomas, Freddie Stevenson, E.J. Levenberry, Rodderick Hoskins, Tyrell Lyons)

There is little question that the LB group is the most talented and deepest of the positional groups. As mentioned, Thomas is a difference maker. Stevenson is enrolled early and is an old school sideline to sideline monster. Both Hoskins and Lyons are long Florida athletes. Levenberry was one of the most coveted LBs in the country early in the process.

Johnny on the Spot: Wilson Bell

Six months ago when asked who the offensive tackle of the future was at FSU......nobody would have said Bell. But he finds himself in that position today. Few players in the country found a home with such a favorable depth chart. Look for FSU to land a JUCO OT to compete next year.

The Grinder: Ryan Hoefeld

Hoefeld came to camp to compete, put on a show, took to coaching, and committed to FSU. He was as rock solid of commit as there exists in the recruiting world. He carries the reputation of a player that wants to be great and is willing to work for it. These qualities usually = starter down the road.

Thank you Madison: Ira Denson

The OL class had early mojo, but lost that somewhere along the way and was limping to the finish. It was a great year to have a high end local prospect like Denson. He has a ton of potential down the road.

Mr. Versatility: Jesus Wilson

Wilson is an exceptional, big play wide receiver and he has done it against the best competition in Dade County (and played STA). He is a good enough athlete to play CB where many feel his ceiling resides. Wilson was a great fit in the class.

Fastest in Class: Kermit Whitfield

There is nothing like adding yet another world class sprinter to the mix and FSU did just that with Whitfield. Somewhat under the radar is that he improved a ton as a football player his senior season.

Jones is a big target
Jason Caldwell, Scout.com

Living the Dream: Isaiah Jones

Jones was being heavily courted by Auburn and several SEC schools until he landed the offer from FSU. He promptly committed and never looked back. At 6'4, he is going to be that big wide-out that Coach Fisher loves.

Alabama DBs: Nate Andrews, Marquez White

FSU went to Alabama to land a couple of DBs and to a certain degree, the DB class will be graded long term on how they perform. Andrews carries the reputation of a play-maker, while Andrews has prototype length. Neither will be needed in year one, but by year two they should be in the mix.

What About Me?: Keith Bryant

Bryant signed late in the day and ESPNU botched the transmission so it was not shown live. Those two things along with Bryant being generally seen as a 'strong lean' have made him fly under the radar a bit. He should not fly under the radar as his ceiling is way up there down the road.

How big? Jeremy Kerr

At 6'5, 250+ Kerr is going to be a physical presence, the question is whether it will be at TE or OT. We think it will be both as he plays early at TE before sliding to OT down the road.

The Wildcard: John Franklin.

What happens if Franklin chooses to play quarterback? He is working with a lot of physical tools and those tools are very much in demand in Jimbo Fisher's offense. His development is behind because, quite frankly, he has never really been coached at the position.

As a WR of DB he is also a bit of a wildcard because he has very limited experience playing those positions.

The Sleeper: Davarez Bryant

Bryant was not on the radar of many FSU fans until very late in the process. He is new to the game and was a classic senior year riser in the state of Florida. He is not as physically ready as Walker and Hollin, but that should play to his advantage as he is able to develop over the next couple of seasons. Some feel that he can be a big-time pass rusher down the road.

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