Player Personnel Report (PPR): Wide Receiver

Signing day is now in the rear view mirror and the next big event for Florida State football fans is the Spring game. NoleDigest takes a look at the wide receiver position individually, as a unit, and a look to the future.

Numbers will be career numbers at FSU.


Kenny Shaw

70-986 (8 TD). Shaw has been very consistent the last two years with 33 and 34 catches. He had more big play ability a year ago and another year in the weight program won't hurt. Shaw is an excellent route runner who is a tough match-up for defenders in space. He is a player that can be counted on to produce and should be in an NFL camp in 2014.

Greg Dent

40-601 yards (4 TD). Dent has produced when given opportunity, it has just been a very deep depth chart during his tenure. Not red-shirting him in 2010 (1 catch for 12 yards) does not look good considering his potential value in 2014 (and opportunity). There is every reason to believe that his best season in garnet and gold is next year.

Willie Haulstead

42-628 (6 TD). We are willing to bet that nobody expected the last two years to play out for Haulstead as they have. A concussion took him out for the season in 2011 and he made no impact in 2012 at all. Can fans remember the 38-587 (6) line in 2010? He did it and was a terrific option in the middle of the field. This is a complete wildcard entering the 2013 season.

Jarred Haggins

20-206. Haggins simply has not had a lot of opportunity. He has been firmly in the mix however and like Dent, one might have wished to see a red-shirt. He needs to make a move in the Spring.


Rashad Greene


95-1,337 (13 TD). It is when you put his numbers against everyone else on the roster that Greene really stands out. Rodney Smith is very close over the last two at 74-1085 (7), however he is gone and Greene was more clutch and consistent despite being younger. He has a very real chance to put up a third great season and leave early for the NFL.

Christian Green


29-483. Green is only one year removed from a very solid RS frosh season, but he completely disappeared a year ago. He has as much juice as anyone on the roster and is yet another example of FSU having a VERY talented player in reserve who most 'experts' are undervaluing. Green could produce 50-800 next year and most FSU fans would not be surprised.

Kelvin Benjamin


30 catches for 495 yards. 4 TDs. This is a crucial year for Benjamin as a player and NFL prospect. The jaw dropping size will tickle the fancy of NFL scouts and despite some uneven results, he has good balls skills. One thing is for certain, the better the year he has, the more likely he is gone. If he would learn to in-line block a bit.....


Marvin Bracy (Fr)

While Bracy did not make an impact on the football team, he is making a big impact on the track team. The speed is very real. Who knows what this guy can do?

Kermit Whitfield

See Bracy. Whitfield has a lot of similarities to Bracy above.

Isaiah Jones

Jones was a key signee because he brought some size to the equation. He is in terrific position for PT down the road.

Jesus Wilson

Some feel that he will end up at CB. This is a big class Dade County play-maker that, of course, can run.


Florida State has 11 wide receivers projected to be on the roster and it is an embarrassment of riches----in this writer's opinion it is the deepest, most versatile unit in the country. THIS IS THE MONEY YEAR. When Green and Haulstead do not make ANY impact and the team did not miss a are loaded.

Fun Fact: All 11 are from Florida. Central Florida(3), Palm Beach(2), Broward(1), Dade(1), Tampa(1), Polk(1), Panhandle(1), Treasure Coast(1). Only I-75, SwFla, and Jax are not represented just at this one position.


But this is college football and just when you think that you are loaded, you find yourself thin at a position or at the very least "unproven".

Four receivers are seniors. Greene and Benjamin carry some draft risk. Can Green be happy? What happens if Bracy has to focus on track? These are all scenario's that FSU has to look at when evaluating, offering, and taking 2014 prospects.

We think that at least one bigger type receiver will be wanted (6'2+) and perhaps two. Making that scenario more likely is that the state is ABSOLUTELY LOADED with big receivers (at least 8 on the radar).

We would look for three receivers to be the number and perhaps as many as 4-5. Currently FSU has commitments from JoJo Robinson, J.C. Jackson, and Chris Worton for 2014. Both Robinson and Jackson could be corners. As with all commitments, but particularly early ones, a lot can happen between now an signing day.

Player that got away: Stacy Coley. It seems as if FSU led for Coley until the last very last day(s?) of his recruitment. Having him on the roster would have lessened concern considerably going forward.

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