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Signing day is now in the rear view mirror and the next big event for Florida State football fans is the Spring game. NoleDigest takes a look at the offensive line personnel individually, as a unit, and a look to the future.


Bryan Stork

Stork has been an extremely valuable member of the FSU offensive line for three years already and he has started at C, OT, and OG during his tenure. Menelik Watson left early which could see Stork take some reps at RT in the Spring, otherwise look for him to be the starting center. Stork a chance to be in an NFL camp.

Garrett Faircloth

Faircloth has shown flashes of brilliance during his FSU career, but the injuries have really piled up and he was MIA a year ago. If healthy he has a chance to be a starter at either RT or OG. At the very least he could be experienced, versatile depth.

Henry Orelus

Orelus once appeared to have a bright future at FSU (started four games in 2010), but he has largely disappeared for the last couple of seasons (concussion in 2011) and it would be a surprise if he was in the mix next year.


Cameron Erving, RS JR

Erving made the transition from DT to LT and has the position on lock-down entering the 2013 season. We expect Erving to improve across the board in his second season and there is a very good chance he will leave early for the NFL draft with strong play. Erving should be an all conference type of player and can be counted on.

Tre Jackson, JR

Jackson started at OG in his second season at FSU and there is definitely 'plus' potential here down the road. He is a road grader with outstanding size. Can he develop into a Chance Warmack type of player? Similar tools to work with. Jackson is very likely to be a starter and there is a good chance it will be for the next two years.

Josue Matias, JR

Matias is in a very similar situation to Jackson, one key difference is that Matias has the potential to play RT. Like Stork and Faircloth, we expect him to get a look there in the Spring. He had some great moments in 2012 and there is a lot of potential here going forward.

Bobby Hart, JR

Hart has been on both ends of it at FSU in his first two years. As a freshmen, he played first (over Jackson, Matias), but last year he was seemingly passed over by four players and played only sparingly. He is still young (19) and if there is one guy that FSU fans should be rooting for it is Hart. If he could lock down the RT spot everything else will fall into place. There is NFL potential here.


Daniel Foose, RS JR

Foose has made no impact at FSU and the clock has to be ticking here.

Austin Barron, JR

Barron seems pegged to play OC at FSU and he has proven to be a capable starter. If Stork grabs the RT job, it is very likely Barron would slide into a starting role. Barron has a red-shirt year available. Very good depth.

Sterling Lovelady, JR

Lovelady is behind Barron at this time, but he should be good depth in 2013. Lovelady can also play guard.

Ruben Carter, RS SOPH

This writer has always been high on Carter and this is right about the time that he is supposed to be making an impact. Should Matias grab the RT job, Carter could become a factor at OG.

Trey Pettis, RS SOPH

Pettis was a project coming out of high school, but after two years in the program he should be ready to contribute in some capacity.


Wilson Bell

Late riser on the recruiting trail, Bell is pegged to be the OT in the class.

Ryan Hoefeld

Hoefeld might be the best prepared to make an immediate impact, but he plays FSUs deepest position on the line (OC).

Ira Denson

The UA All-America prospect has to be a starter down the road for FSU, likely at OG.

Richy Klepal

A concussion has ended his career.


Despite FSU fans 'giving Trickett the business' all the time, the depth chart is actually in very good shape FOR NEXT SEASON. There would be some question if that applies to the 2014 season as well (Erving would need to return).

All we can worry about today is the 2013 season and the bottom line is that FSU has:

Four returning starters

Three other players with starting experience

Three other reasonable candidates to contribute

There are teams in much worse position.

The question mark is RIGHT TACKLE. Watson's departure really stings here. If Erving, Matias, Jackson, and Stork stay at the position they started at a year ago, only RT is an issue. Faircloth and Hart would seemingly be the most likely candidates with the loser becoming a key back-up.

Things get a little crazy if we move Stork to RT or Matias to RT.

Bottom line is that there are some options.


There is plenty of depth for the 2013 season and that may hold true for 2014 as well, but the future after that is beyond cloudy at this time. FSU only has THREE offensive linemen from the last two classes. Offensive tackles are very much needed.

The number is 'as many quality linemen as will sign'. Five should be the minimum with a max of eight. Currently nobody is committed.

One that got Away: Austin Golson

Golson is at least one of the young tackles that FSU needs.

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