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Signing day is now in the rear view mirror and the next big event for Florida State football fans is the Spring game. NoleDigest takes a look at the quarterback personnel individually, as a unit, and a look to the future.

Clint Trickett, RS Junior

Trickett is the only QB on the roster that has started a game at the collegiate level and his 106 attempts are more than 20 times the "rep's" of any other QB on the roster. Trickett is both highly intelligent and football savvy, those qualities will give him a legit shot to win the job during the Spring.

Does he have the upside to make plays when they are not there? Can he buy enough time to keep plays alive? Is Clint able to execute the running aspects of the position? These are all questions that Clint will need to answer to win the job.

Trickett has shown the ability to get the ball down the field and he clearly has a better deep ball than E.J. Manuel/Christian Ponder. FSU has the weapons to make plays down the field. His ACCURACY down the field is very much needed in this offense.

Jacob Coker, RS Sophomore

FSU fans have seen very little of Coker thus far and he is the wildcard in the equation. While Winston garners the 'athlete' headlines, Coker is not far behind in that department and he possesses an ideal body/frame.

Coker's chances may have taken a slight hit with the loss of QB coach Dameyune Craig who was a big fan of what Coker brings to the table. Coker's commitment to football and extra year in the program should give him an edge over Winston in terms of his comfort level. He will need to take advantage of that and then build on that knowledge.

What happens if he does not win the job? Is he willing to keep fighting? We have repeatedly heard that he possesses NFL tools, it is hard to see him being happy with the no. 3 job.

Jameis Winston, RS Freshmen

Unlike Trickett and Coker, Winston was considered a difference-making star on the recruiting trail. He won the Elite 11 heading into his senior season and possesses perhaps the most athleticism of any QB in the ACC conference.

Right now FSU baseball fans know the most about him as he is excelling on the diamond.

If Winston was to win the job, FSU would have a starter for at least the next three years and that has to be very appealing to Coach Fisher, particularly when that player should grow by leaps and bounds with the experience.

Winston can run everything in the play-book and has consistently shown that he has 'it'. His engaging personality and leadership qualities are ideally suited to take FSU to the next level.

The big question in our eye's is if he can execute CONSISTENTLY within the system. 'Trust' is a big part of that and Winston will need to earn that.

Sean Maguire, RS Freshmen

Maguire was the less heralded of the 2012 QB recruits and like Coker he lost his biggest fan in the coaching carousel (Coley). He is considered a long-shot to win this job this Spring, but we have heard that the potential is there to be a starter down the road. It is hard to see him winning the job in the Spring however.

Young Talent

John Franklin

Franklin will get an opportunity at QB, but he also possesses upside as a DB or WR.

2013 Outlook

When Ponder won the job in 2008 FSU's next five years was as clear as crystal (Ponder to Manuel). That is exactly the way it played out and both QBs will be in the NFL next season---at least one as the starter.

This is really the first "QB competition" for Coach Fisher and FSU is in excellent shape with at least three legit candidates for the job. Provided that all three of the leading candidates stay at FSU, there are options aplenty and we feel confident in the ultimate production of the position.

However that is far from certain. Will Clint stay at FSU as the back-up? He has graduated and certainly can find a starting job elsewhere. What does Coker do if he does not win the job? With NFL tools, he certainly has to think about his future. We are more confident that Winston would stay if he did not win the job as he is younger and playing baseball at FSU.

We definitely feel like the production at this position can be matched (and perhaps exceeded) and whoever wins the job will have one of the nations best wide receiver groups to work with.

We do not think FSU will miss a beat here despite the uncertainty.

Recruiting Outlook

FSU is recruiting the position fairly hard thus far and it appears as if at least one QB will be signed in the 2014 class. FSU does have a 2015 verbal commitment from DeAndre Johnson.

One thing that is absolutely certain here is that Coach Fisher can evaluate the QB position. As long as Fisher is at FSU the team should have strong leadership at the QB position.

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