Greg Dent Arrested On Sexual Assault Charge

Florida State WR Greg Dent was arrested Sunday night and arraigned early Monday morning on charges of sexual assault. Noledigest has the latest...

Florida State senior wide receiver Greg Dent was arrested and booked in Leon County jail Sunday night, on charges of sexual assault.

According to the booking information, Dent was arrested for a violation of Florida Statute 794.011-5, a second-degree felony. The detail also says there was no violence or physical force used to cause injury to the victim.

Monday morning Dent was arraigned at the first appearance court where his bond was set at $15,000. Noledigest was able to obtain a copy of the probable cause affidavit, which is very graphic. Here's a rundown of what the victim alleges happened Saturday night.

Per the affidavit, Dent was out with a long-time friend (whom he has know since the two were in high school) at a nightclub Saturday night and after the two returned two his apartment Dent forced himself on her.

The victim was not a minor despite what many people originally thought. The female was over the age of 18. Rather, this is a case of sexual batter without serious bodily injury or a second degree sexual assault.

From the report, the incident occurred at approximately 3:30 AM. After returning to Dent's apartment the victim says she fell asleep on his bed laying the opposite direction.

However, shortly after falling asleep she awoke to Dent trying to kiss her, which she repeatedly said "no" to. After his repeated attempts, she bit him on the lip and he left the room.

The victim says that Dent then returned to bed completely naked and attempted to force himself on her again. She claims to have done everything to stay clothed, but says that Dent managed to pull her shorts off and briefly penetrate her. She then fought him off claiming to have "grabbed his dreads with one hand and punch him with the other."

The two then fell out of the bed, which is when she managed to stand up, grab her belongings and run out of the apartment. She contacted police shortly after and Dent was arrested late Sunday night.

To make things worse for Dent, he also gave a statement to the police after being read his Miranda rights and before consulting with his attorney. Obviously we have no clue what exactly he confessed to the police, but it does not look good.

Tim Jansen will be handling this for Dent. In the meantime, per FSU's rules any student athlete charged with a felony cannot participate in team activities while that charge is pending. HE is suspended indefinitely.

He has not been convicted and therefore is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Nor has he been allowed to offer a formal defense, so for now let's try to keep the wild speculation to a minimum.

Noledigest will update with more detail as this story continues to develop.

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