Winston Showing Dedication

The temptations of being a college athlete can be overwhelming for many. But not FSU's Jameis Winston. Find out what the two-sport athlete did with his Saturday night.

Let's be honest, no one enjoys the offseason. For ordinary people, it's a time to get caught up on all the work that should have been done during football season.

For college football coaches, it's a chance to make up for all the family time lost during the season. And while coaches certainly love the offseason for that very reason, it's also a time when their stomachs churn at the thought of how their players could be spending it.

Because for many college football players, it's an opportunity to make up for all the lost time of simply being a college student during the season. And for the high-profile guys, many of which are quarterbacks, the temptations are even greater.

At least once a week a college coach awakens to find out that one of his players had a little too much fun the night before and embarrassed himself, as well as your program, with a series of tweets or pictures to the entire world. Or sometimes its worse and they wind up in the local jail.

In three years as Florida State's head coach, Jimbo Fisher has had an extremely good track record in that regard, which can be attributed to his recruitment of high-character guys.

Two-sport star, and future starting quarterback, Jameis Winston is a great example of the kind of character Fisher looks for in his players.

It was 11 pm ET Saturday night, many college athletes were probably having the time of their lives. Not Winston.

Winston was at home texting his Mom and reading his playbook.

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