Roster Management: The Offense

Florida State opens the 2013 season in a little over two weeks and the roster would appear to be set. All 2013 signee's have enrolled in school and NoleDigest takes a look at the roster, the numbers at the positions, and where FSU is headed.


Jameis Winston (Fr)

Jacob Coker (Soph)

Sean Maguire (Fr)

John Franklin (Fr)

Thoughts: Programs are lucky to have four scholarship QB's as this is a position where there is high turnover at every school. Players tend to leave when they do not get the starting job as Clint Trickett did during the off-season. While young and inexperienced this is a talented group and Franklin has multi-position versatility.

FSU has taken two QB's on the recruiting trail: J.J. Cosentino and Treon Harris. Cosentino appears to be a gem and a kid that "those in Tallahassee" are extremely excited about. Harris is very similar to Franklin in that his athleticism intrigues Coach Fisher at QB, but he also may find a home at a different position down the road (WR/CB).

Taking both QB's covers the very real possibility that Coker heads to greener pastures if he does not win the starting job.

All in all, FSU is in excellent shape at this position.


Chad Abram (Sr)

James Wilder (Jr)

Devonta Freeman (Jr)

Mario Pender (Fr)

Ryan Green (Fr)

Thoughts: FSU is definitely one player short here as 5 RB/FB's is one underneath the ideal number. The good news is that all five can play and this is a very talented unit.

Abram will graduate and there is certainly some draft risk with Wilder so the feeling is that FSU will need to sign at least three running backs in this class. Johnathan Vickers is the first in the class and he brings a big body that can be used either as a feature back or fullback. There is a long list of candidates for the other spots. Regardless it appears that FSU will be at full strength numbers wise in 2014.


Kenny Shaw (Sr)

Jarred Haggins (Sr)

Greg Dent (Sr)

Christian Green (Jr)

Rashad Greene (Jr)

Kelvin Benjamin (Soph)

Isaiah Jones (Fr)

Kermit Whitfield (Fr)

Jesus Wilson (Fr)

Thoughts: FSU was prepared to have 10 receivers on the roster, but Willie Haulstead's career ended due to academics. Still 9 is an almost ideal number and the top six are very experienced.

This unit will/could turn over quickly however as there are 3 seniors and Green/Greene/Benjamin all carry NFL draft risk (or transfer risk). This is a bit of a crazy situation as if the three return......FSU is absolutely loaded. If two return, very good shape.

It is impossible to know right now and FSU has prepared themselves for whatever situation may happen. Markell Pack, JoJo Robinson, Chris Worton, Javonte Seabury, and Ryan Sousa would solve any numbers problem, BUT we expect there to be some movement here as the recruiting year advances to it's latter stages. The number appears to be 4-5 and there is no reason FSU will not land that number.


Kevin Haplea (Sr)

Nick O'Leary (Jr)

Giorgio Newberry (Soph)

Jeremy Kerr (Fr)

Thoughts: Haplea is done for the year and it remains to be seen whether he will petition for a sixth year and then if the NCAA grants it. Christo Kourtzidis's transfer left this spot thin and Newberry has moved over from DE. A knee injury to Kerr early in camp has added more questions to this spot.

Fortunately there are no shortages of solutions and O'Leary/Newberry should be able to get the job done. FSU is targeting two TE's in the 2014 class and have one in Mavin Saunders. This could turn into a major strength in 2014.


Bryan Stork (Sr)

Jacob Fahrenkrug (Sr)

Johnathan Wallace (Sr)

Cameron Erving (Jr)

Josue Matias (Jr)

Tre Jackson (Jr)

Bobby Hart (Jr)

Austin Barron (Jr)

Sterling Lovelady (Jr)

Ruben Carter (Soph)

Ira Denson (Fr)

Wilson Bell (Fr)

Ryan Hoefeld (Fr)

Thoughts: Daniel Foose, Henry Orelus, Garrett Faircloth, and Trey Pettis have all left the program which has kept the numbers down to 13 (less than ideal). One of those, Wallace, is a walk on who received a scholarship as a senior. Fortunately 10 of the 13 are in at least year three in the program and the starting unit should be one of the ACC's best. Should Erving return for his senior season........FSU fans should enjoy a great OL for the next two years. Even if he doesn't---and assuming the other four starters do----FSU will still be in solid shape.

When we look to 2015 and beyond we run into some relatively major issues. Only four linemen are going to be on the roster and FSU needs to fill the 10-11 spots over the next two recruiting cycles. They are off to a good start with Ethan Frith, Alec Eberle, and Corey Martinez. Offensive tackles are the big need going forward and we would look for FSU to add at least two more and perhaps three. They will need to follow up the 2014 class with a good group in 2015 as well to get out of the numbers crunch.

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