Which Freshmen will play?

Some decisions the coaches make on red-shirting will be easy while others will be very difficult, such is the nature of a sport where we see plenty of injuries during the season. FSU had one of the best recruiting classes in the country in 2013, we take a look at who plays and who shirts.


DE Desmond Hollin: Even before FSU moved Giorgio Newberry to TE, the DE spot was a bit lean numbers wise. Hollin should get plenty of reps of this season.

DE Demarcus Walker: Walker got jobbed by Alabama and he missed Spring even though he was enrolled early. No matter, you can expect to see him suited up and ready to go in year one.

RB Ryan Green: Green is one of five "RB/FBs" on the roster. Odds say that he will be needed at some point. He has also been very impressive thus far.

CB Jalen Ramsey: The five-star appears to be too good to keep off the field. While he may not start, you can expect to see plenty of Ramsey this year.

WR Kermit Whitfield: Even if Whitfield does not see major time at WR, he should see some time on special times. The WR depth chart has thinned and Whitfield is the "most different" from the top four.

LB Matthew Thomas: The artist formerly known as "ole no. 6" has impressed from day one. Look for him to make an impact early on special teams with his role on defense increasing as the season progresses.

LB Freddie Stevenson: Stevenson is not likely to start, but he enrolled early and has a better understanding of the defense than the other freshmen. He could be as high as no. 2 on the depth chart by game one.

TE Jeremy Kerr: Kerr is currently sidelined with a knee injury, normally that would indicate a red-shirt season, but FSU simply does not have the depth at TE. Kerr may not play a ton, but he will likely be needed at some point.

Likely to Red-shirt

QB John Franklin: Barring an emergency there is little reason for Franklin to see the field this year. He may end up switching positions down the road and a shirt will buy him the time to give QB a legit shot.

DE Davarez Bryant: As the no. 6 DE Bryant should be in position to red-shirt.

OC Ryan Hoefeld: The Louisiana native sits behind senior Bryan Stork as well as juniors Austin Barron and Sterling Lovelady. It is likely that he will red-shirt.

DB Tyrell Lyons: It was mildly surprising that he was listed at DB, but that is where he has the most experience. Eerily similar to Nick Moody in the size department, his career may have a similar feel to it. Moody shirted as a frosh, played safety, and ended up at linebacker.

DB Marquez White: White is a bit of a tweener and he will need some time and seasoning before seeing the field. He will need to earn his time on special teams, but there appears to ample bodies there at this time.

DB Nate Andrews: Similar to White, Andrews faces a tough challenge to get on the field in year one as a DB. However reports are very positive on his play-making ability and he is a very good football player.


OL Wilson Bell: We think that FSU would love to red-shirt Bell, however given the depth chart it just may not be possible. FSU is light at OT depth chart wise and Bell reported in excellent shape.

OL Ira Denson: See Bell, but Denson figures to end up inside at offensive guard.

The other LBs: E.J. Levenberry and Rodderick Hoskins both possess good size and can help on special teams. That would be the case for playing them, however neither are likely to play a lot at LB and IF Thomas/Stevenson are playing, FSU may choose to red-shirt this duo. Making matters a little more difficult is that FSU has three outstanding LBs committed and all of them can play from day one next year (so why 'shirt guys this year?).

DT Keith Bryant: One thing we know for certain is that IF Bryant worked himself into the rotation, he will be a bona fide stud down the road. FSU is deep, talented, and experienced at DT. Is Bryant a 5 year player? If not, then he might as well play in some capacity, similar to Eddie Goldman a year ago.

WR Isaiah Jones and WR Jesus Wilson: Three months ago there was NO CHANCE that these guys were playing this year, but Greg Dent was arrested, Jared Haggins was lost for the season with an injury, and Willie Haulstead was lost due to academics. In essence they went from being 8-10 on the depth chart to competing for the 5th spot. This one will be worth keeping an eye on. We went with Whitfield as the 'most likely to play', but Wilson has been a star thus far and reported to FSU in prime condition.

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