Jimbo Fisher Press Conference Transcript

Jimbo Fisher talked to the media on Monday on topics ranging from Jameis Winston's continued development, Karlos Williams' move to running back, and the FSU defense.

Opening Statement:

"It was good to get back to a normal game week. Get back to regular season preparation like we'll be doing all year. (I'm) very proud with how our guys competed in the game the other day. I think Nevada did a nice job. I think Nevada has a nice ball club. They did some things early that we had to be very patient with. We had a few self-inflected wounds early on offense, overcame them. I like the poise with which we played with on defense – made adjustments. Special teams, we were very sound with what we do. I think we were able to get hot and get some rhythm on offense, hit a few plays and got into what we were doing and were able to move the football and continued it. I'm very proud with how we ended the half (and) started the second half – grabbed momentum in the game and then took control of the game as we went on. It was a very hard fought victory. A home opener sometimes – ‘well, we're playing here at home,' and people come in here and play well too.

Defensively, again, I liked what we did. Very good in the passing game – didn't sack the quarterback a lot but we hit him a lot and affected him a lot. They threw a lot of quick passes (and) I thought we covered well. We got a lot of players a lot of playing time which will be great for experience and I think special teams is getting a lot more guys on the field that are very critical. Hopefully we can progress with that in the future, but we've got a great opponent coming up this week in Bethune (Cookman). They're 3-0 and averaging 38 points a game and giving up 9, that's less than we are. They went out and beat FIU 34-13 and handled them very easily. Great win for them. They've been in the top of their league for the last three years. Coaches have done a tremendous job coaching them. They've got a great group, they're athletic. They're running the ball very well on offense. (They are) very diverse on defense and sound in the kicking game, so we'll have our hands full again and have another great opponent coming in."

On QB Jameis Winston after the film:

"There are some little things – making a decision, ‘ball here, I probably should have made the read here.' For the most part, run-checks were good. A couple of decisions in the passing game where I wish he would have went to a different guy, but he hit guys and made completions. (He) could have had better choices, but you have to be careful too, as long as guys are making completions and understand, you can get too technical and not have him react and play. You've got to be careful how you do that. But, for the most part I thought he played well. The high throw early, like I said, that part of the field, rather him be a little safer in that decision. The throw was there, it was a high throw. But I liked the way he bounced back from that and also, not just bouncing back and getting completions, but not losing his aggression. He still stayed aggressive with the football and threw balls in there. From that standpoint, I thought he did a nice job."

On how Winston's "eyes" is benefitting his decision making:

"What he's seeing and saying is exactly what I'm getting from the booth and what we're seeing on the sidelines too and the reasons he's doing things whether it's right or wrong, it's for the right reason. "

On defending the no huddle offense against Nevada:

"I think it was the defense and them trying to shorten the game a little bit too – trying not to get as many ‘at-bats' and eat the clock and I think it was a combination of that. I think the defense did a really nice job and we prepared for that and made adjustments. I think the defense is playing very solidly."

On coming out and scoring on the opening drive of the second half in both games:

"It's very critical, especially when we've scored at the end of the half. In the first game, we got 10 points before Pitt got it (the ball) with a touchdown and a field goal and this week we got 14. Fourteen and 10 points respectively before the other team even had their hands on the ball and that's a very critical thing in big games and that's something we try to coach. Last year, we did a really good job at the end of the half. I think we scored either nine or 10 times. Last year, we didn't do as well coming out at second half at times but this year we've worked on that even more so. Some times at the end of the half can be based on field position, but that's something you try to do and you learn to (do). I say score as many points as you can before they get their hands back on the ball and that's a good way to do it."

On RT Bobby Hart:

"I thought he's played well. Early in this game he had a few things – one of the sacks early. What I'm happy about there, (he) made a mistake, responded very well and didn't go in the tank and played the next play like we always talk about and is maturing very well. I've been very pleased with how Bobby is playing. He's really grown up."

On the wide receivers not dropping any passes:

"(They're) Running routes, getting to where they are supposed to be. The way they're running their routes and how they're getting there makes it much easier. I thought both touchdown catches were really nice catches. They were perfect throws, but those were tightly contested plays that you have to be a really good receiver to go up and make."

On if Karlos Williams was what he thought after the film:

"Yeah he is. He still has a long ways to go and we know that. But he's willing to learn and he's eager. What I've been very pleased with is his ability to learn. He's grasping things extremely well. A very intelligent young man – grasps it and works at it and conceptionally how he picks things up, he sees it. When the ball is in his hands he's making the right cuts. That's what I've said has been very natural but he's picking up the other parts of the offense, but again we have (James) Wilder and (Devonta) Freeman."

On getting the young guys in early:

"Until they get out there and make a mistake or a good play it doesn't matter. They need to get it out of their system they say- the nerves, the jitters out there. They get out there and realize that it's just football and the more times you can get them out there and the quicker you can get them out there the more comfortable you get putting them in big situations."

On CB Jalen Ramsey being the first true freshman to start at corner since Deion Sanders:

"He's a heck of player, just give him a break before we put him in Deion's category. I'll tell you a thing about him – speed, size, athleticism, but very mature, very hard-working and very intelligent and he has a drive inside to be good. He's very mature beyond his years and I think that's what allowed him to be able to do that and he's done a tremendous job."

On QB Jacob Coker:

"The more ‘at-bats' he gets on the field – like I say, you saw on that first pass what I was talking about. Again, that was a heck of a race in fall camp. You saw him make two guys miss, run, throw a 30-yard bullet down the sideline to the only place it could be thrown and you saw him scramble. He threw a few balls away and recovered. I've been extremely happy with his progress and the more reps we can get him the better. He's a heck of a football player. They're relationship (with Jameis Winston) has been tremendous. Let me tell you something, Jacob Coker is a tremendous human being, tremendous player, tremendous ambassador for our program. I could go on and on. We are very blessed to have him and I thought Sean (Maguire) did a nice job once he got in the game. We're blessed there."

On the packages with James Wilder and Devonta Freeman on the field:

"You can do a lot of things – run it both ways, catch it, they can pass block - a lot of experience and size. What I love is two great competitors. You have two great teammates. What's funny in that game, when one is in there making plays, the other one is on the sidelines like a little kid who just got a new toy when their buddy makes a play. Then you see Ryan Green in the game and Karlos in the game. You think those guys are out there and Karlos is the new guy on the block and they're all the first ones to congratulate him on the sidelines. Those guys are such tremendous teammates and good competitors. Having those guys on the field at the same time with the maturity and play is one thing, but the nature of those two guys and the unselfishness of them."

On FB Freddie Stevenson:

"That guy has ball skills. You saw him do two things. One, bounce a play on short yards and almost stick it in the end zone and then run a short yardage play and then get in and then catch a ball in the flat, make a guy miss, dip inside. That guy is 233 pounds right now is a freshman. He's going to be a big athletic guy and if he were to go back to linebacker he can do that in a heartbeat, but he's helping us out now. I'm going to tell you another thing about him, you talk about instinctive and smart, he's very intelligent. He picks things (up) and he had progressed nicely. A very intelligent young man, hard-worker too and again, unselfish."

On FB Chad Abram and if it's rare to find a college football fullback like him:

"Very. He's a 235 pound guy with great ball skills. He was bothered by a shoulder a little a bit and we held him out with a little stinger and I will tell you, over the last week before the Pitt game and last week, that joker has been playing his tail off. Just mentally, physically, catching the ball, blocking. Those guys don't get a lot of glory and he didn't get a lot of snaps in the last game because of the way the game went, but a great special teams guy and he'll have a chance to play at the next level because those guys are hard to find."

On the quicker pace of the offense at times this season:

"We have more experience. When that line can really feel comfortable getting up there in a hurry and making calls and not having to decipher that stuff, you have a mature line. Last year, we had EJ (Manuel), Chris (Thompson) and Lonnie (Pryor), those guys were not even juniors, there's still only three seniors on this whole group which are (Bryan) Stork , Chad (Abram) and Kenny Shaw. I think we were still a young team on offense, even though we still had a good offense, I think the maturity allows you to do more and play faster and make the calls quicker and get into a better rhythm."

On Bethune-Cookman upsetting FIU last week and what his reaction to the score was:

"Dadgumit. They're a good football team and we knew it and it does not surprise me. They've done a great job, coach has done a tremendous job and they've got athletes and when you see the film they're a very well-coached football team."

Other Notes

Winston, Aguayo Earn ACC Weekly Honors

Florida State redshirt freshman Jameis Winston earned his second ACC Rookie of the Week honor and redshirt freshman kicker Roberto Aguayo picked up ACC Specialist of the Week announced by the league office Monday.

Winston completed his final 13 pass attempts of the day after a first-half interception to finish 15-of-18 for 214 yards, with two touchdown throws in Florida State's 62-7 win over Nevada. Winston led the Seminoles to 45 unanswered points from 3:21 left in the first half until 58 seconds remaining in the third quarter. Winston led a streak of six consecutive touchdown drives, which included his two touchdown throws and was capped by his 10-yard scoring run with 4:41 left in the third quarter for a 45-7 lead.

The heir to NCAA and ACC all-time scoring leader Dustin Hopkins, Aguayo remained perfect on the season on both field goals and PATs. He converted field goal of attempts from 23 and 33 yards in the win over Nevada and is now 4-of-4 on the season. Aguayo capped his career-best 14-point performance by converting all eight of his PAT attempts and is 13-of-13 on the season. He is the first FSU kicker to convert his first 17 combined kick attempts since Derek Schmidt (1984), who set the record with 29 consecutive made kicks to start his career.

FSU, Boston College Set to Kickoff at 3:30 p.m.

The Atlantic Coast Conference announced Monday that Florida State's game at Atlantic Division foe Boston College is slated for 3:30 p.m. at Alumni Stadium in Chestnut Hill, Mass. The game will either be televised on ABC regionally and ESPN 2 to the rest nation or solely on ESPNU. The network will be announced on Sept. 22.

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