FSU vs. Bethune-Cookman Postgame Quotes

Read what Jimbo Fisher and the Seminole players had to say after the win over Bethune-Cookman.

Head Coach Jimbo Fisher

Opening Statement:

"Very proud of our team. I thought we went in and did the things we had to do in order to win the game. Still, a lot of room for improvement in my opinion. I think we have to clean some things up, but it was a weird game in the beginning. We were a little undisciplined. I think coming out and trying too hard on defense - we jumped offsides. Just little things that we were trying too hard. You want to go out and prove a point right off the bat and then it was a huge play by Telvin Smith. Being able to make that play because they were doing what they wanted to do, which was eat the clock, shorten the game and I give them credit. They were doing a very nice job in the game. They've got a good ball club, I've said that. They'll be in the l-AA playoffs and be in the tops of that league. A very well-coached football team. We had those plays on offense, we had two-dropped touchdowns and fumbled inside the five (yard line). Those things got to get cleaned up and those are things that our players don't do. But you have to focus.

Very proud of our guys. They continue to come back and score, and score, and score, and score and we did it again. We scored before the half, got the ball, were very sharp coming out and got control of the game and then gave up a drive that was very uncharacteristic, took some out and played some young guys and those young guys are going to have to play. We need to get those guys quality snaps and I think they had 18 first downs tonight, that's way too many. We've got to cut that down a little bit, but still the numbers were 9-of-18 on third down, we were 2-of-6 and the last three came with the two's. Disappointed there, we should have executed a little better then and blocked a little better there for some of those guys and we've got to run some routes and do some things there. Red zone chances, we were good there. We had a lot of big plays and ran the football well. Great plays with Devonta (Freeman), I thought he had a great game. I thought Karlos (Williams) ran well. James (Wilder Jr.) had a good solid game, put the ball on the ground. I thought Jameis (Winston) had a very solid game. I think he had four dropped balls and one or two bad reads I would like to take back. We've got a lot of room to grow, but we did the things we needed to do and now we get back in our conference – need to play much better on the road and have to clean a lot of things up, but we're getting to where we need to go."

On Terrance Smith leading in tackles:

"I'm very proud of him. He's developing very much and getting a lot better in practice. I'm very proud of him, he stepped in for Christian (Jones) tonight and it looked like he played a very solid game. We'll look at the film and see, but he made plays."

On Matthew Thomas:

"Matthew Thomas coming off the edge, now that's the other thing, we've got to tackle in space better. I wasn't happy the way we tackled in space at times tonight and we've got to do a better job, maybe switch some guys around a little bit and do some things, but 12 really tackled in space well and made some nice plays."

On if the defense is ready for another big road game:

"It better be. It's coming in seven days, we'll find out. Again, we still gave up 208 yards until they had the last drive. It's just the nickel and dime plays, you're not giving up big plays. That's the way people have to play you – shorten the game, plus if you're explosive on offense people want to do that to you and you'll have to show patience. But, we have to keep improving in all three phases, I'm not happy in all three phases yet. We're still not clicking on all cylinders."

On Jameis Winston's first TD pass of the game:

"He should have thrown the hot route. Down on the goal line we'll allow him to hold it in short areas because you can give ground and lay it. But the guy he was going to do it with got tied up and he just made and outstanding athletic play. It was a tremendous play."

On spreading out the scoring on offense:

"I do it because it makes people in the red zone have to cover everybody, they can't double people. Coverage a lot of times is – if we've got Kenny (Shaw), Rashad (Greene) and K.B (Kelvin Benjamin) one-on-one – we've tried to get Nick (O'Leary) two or three balls tonight, it wasn't him. I don't mind it because if we can't get the ball to those guys, we'll run it. You try to force balls to people, but you let the game get to you. We've got enough good players in different places and whatever they play we'll take."

Quarterback Jameis Winston

On talking with Rashad Greene following a dropped pass:

"No that's a once and a lifetime thing, I mean that's going to happen. It's just football. It was raining out there, and I was like ‘you dropped that' and he just said 'that's ok man.'"

On the offense today:

"Everything was going our way today, I was making bad decisions out there and I was just so unfocused and making a few bad decisions but the team as a whole did great"

Quarterback Jacob Coker

On playing in the rainy conditions today and gripping the ball:

"As long as the mechanics are ok and you got the ball high, it shouldn't affect it too much"

On making some big plays on offense:

"I mean anytime that you make a big play it's huge and anything to help win the game. During the game you just forget about the last play if you mess up, but the big plays definitely help out."

Running Back Karlos Williams

On picking up on your pass protection:

"I felt a lot more comfortable, every passing play that we had the defense really gave it to me in practice all week, there are still a couple of things that I need to work on like using my feet more and not relying on my hands as much."

Do you feel the confidence grow with each carry?

"Of course, any running back does. We try to take those two to three yard gains and if you keep getting those eventually you are going to bust open and get a big gain"

Talking about the hit that you had on kick coverage:

"It felt really good being with those defensive guys and just talking with Telvin (Smith), Reggie (Northrup) and Ukeme (Eligwe)… and going to hit somebody and I just finally got to go do it and it felt real good."

Linebacker Telvin Smith

On the lack of tackling in the first quarter:

"I feel like as a defense as a whole we didn't tackle that well. That's day one football – you've got to tackle. That's one of the biggest things we are probably going to get in trouble for when we go into the meeting room on Monday just because that's such a big emphasis on the game."

On having new starters on defense:

"I wouldn't say that because everybody needs to be ready when your number is called so we practiced all week and you have to be ready when you get out there. We need to get back to the fundamentals and be sound, play football."

On the quarterback giving a hint on the play on his interception:

"He kind of did a little gesture with his hand so it kind of told me. Anytime a quarterback moves or gives a sign I'm going to read it just like a receiver. I just went, broke down on it and made a big play."

On if he was looking at the jumbotron returning the interception for a touchdown:

"Actually, I was going. That's how we run with our head back. I just kind of put my head back and let it go. Put the pedal to the metal and let it go. Nobody was catching me and I knew that."

Linebacker Terrance Smith

On making his first career start:

"Pretty much I knew this was my first opportunity so I just wanted to make the most out of it and show the people what I could do."

On why he was able to make so many plays:

"They were running a lot of zone plays and I just read it right. I was able to come up and make some big tackles."

On Telvin Smith's interception for a touchdown:

"That changed the whole momentum of the game. They were driving, we really were on the field for most of the first quarter but when he got that pick and took it to the house it changed the whole momentum and everything started picking up after that."

DT Jaccobi McDaniel

On the early struggles on defense:

"It's something we are trying to work on – dominate from the first play to the last play, but that comes with game experience. Everyone has game experience now so hopefully in the next game we can go in and establish the game early on and try to create a three-and-out."

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