Jimbo Fisher Post Practice Quotes - Tuesday

Florida State completed their first full practice of preparation for Boston College on Tuesday. Jimbo Fisher gives the update on how the 'Noles looked.

Opening Statement:

"Very good day. I liked today. Much better Tuesday than we've had in the past couple weeks as far as our mental preparation – focus on some details. (We) were more into the game plan today. On Tuesdays, we put a lot of new things in, which we have with the adjustments in all, but the focus and concentration was good. It was business like on how they handled it. Not everything was perfect, but it was a good day. Got some things accomplished. I was very pleased with that. We just have to keep executing and competition was good. I thought the energy level was good today. Good solid practice."

On DE Mario Edwards' hand:

"He can play. He can bang around and move. Just getting used to it (casted)."

On the freshness of the team:

"I don't think they were fresh. They're tired, they lifted today and all that. They were fresh mentally, not as much physically. It was a grind today. But I was happy with their mental freshness. They were locked in today because they know it's a good opponent, a tough place to play. They do different things, offensively and defensively and we have to focus and concentrate."

On some of the guys that are filling the injury holes:

"Keelin (Smith) and Jalen (Ramsey). Jalen has been going back and forth between here (corner) and safety and we loved him and what he does, making calls. (Nick) Waisome is getting to play corner a lot now. We've got plenty of guys back there and all those guys will be involved. That's why we play so many of those guys early. We feel very comfortable, we have eight, nine or 10 guys back there."

On the depth:

"This is where it comes in handy. You never know what's going to happen. Before it's all over, that's what I tell those guys, when they're down in the dumps, ‘well, I'm third team,' just keep getting reps. All of a sudden you're second team and then people think I'm one or two play away from playing. That's very critical for our young guys to develop and that's why I say that all the time."

On Boston College being different on defense:

"Different styles and different scheme. Much more multiple, do different things, very disruptive, blitz, change gaps, three or four man fronts, blitzes coming from all over the place. They do a really nice job."

On if RB Karlos Williams is continuing to progress:

"Yes. I thought he had an excellent day. I can remember one missed assignment the whole day and we put some things in. Very pleased with his progress. Had some nice runs."

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