Jimbo Fisher - Tuesday Interview

Jimbo Fisher discusses Tuesday's practice and preparations for Maryland.

Opening Statement:

"A good hard physical Tuesday. I thought we had a lot of work done today. I thought we were physical. Guys banged pretty good. Guys took on blockers well on defense and the way they tackled in the running game. On offense – made them pick it up. Got pretty physical and aggressive. I liked it. Competitive in all sorts. Got good gameplan work in. Good weather out here, just hot enough to get good work in but not too hot to be that bad. It's a fun time of year to be out here. It's a great time. I liked our work and attitude, and I thought we got better today."

On freshman quarterback John Franklin lll on scout team:

"He can run, he can fly, he can throw it a mile. Whether you want to throw or run, John can do about all of it. He's a very talented young man."

On the offense scoring on six straight drives in each game this year:

"It's everything. He gets hot. Like I say, be careful. Sometimes (when) a quarterback plays bad we want to blame him and when they play well – is he (Jameis Winston) playing well and doing things, yes, he's playing very well, but the guys around him are blocking and getting to spots and getting the angles right to create the throws and picking up blitzes and are able to make runs. It's a combination of everything, but when they do that it allows your quarterback to play well and he's doing a very good job."

On if he gets into a rhythm as a play caller:

"No doubt because you feel it. It's like anything. You feel confident in what you are doing and what they can do and what they're capable of handling in the situations you put them in and you can be that much more aggressive."

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