Re-Ranking the 2012 FSU Recruiting Class

Florida State signed a recruiting class of 19 players in 2012. Those prospects have now been on campus for a year and a half, here is a look at the early returns.


Menelik Watson

Watson arrived from JUCO via Europe and 2013 was expected to be the "money year" for him. It happened a year early as Watson's physical ability plus seemingly improving every week made him leave for the NFL draft. The Raider's selected him in the 2nd round and he is considered to be a long term starter type in the league.


Marvin Bracy

Daniel Glauser

Christo Kourtzidis

Dalvon Stuckey

Bracy always presented 'track risk' and that is what ended up happening. He did help the program in essentially replacing himself with Kermit Whitfield (who has looked great). At NoleDigest we consistently talk about Jimbo Fisher recruiting 'big', but that theory is also true for speed. Can't have enough.

While Watson was a hit, Glauser was a miss. He did not contribute much and was limited to one year. He did help solidify depth in 2012 on the OL, but made little impact on the program.

Kourtzidis would be receiving a fair amount of PT if he had stayed in the program, but he left to transfer back closer to his California home. Unfortunate, but it made FSU move Giorgio Newberry to TE and thus closer to a potential move to OT.

Stuckey never enrolled (grades) and is coming out of JUCO this year (no interest from FSU). While he is committed to Miami, he is expected to find a more academically lenient university to attend, perhaps West Virginia.


Jameis Winston

Ronald Darby

Roberto Aguayo

Mario Edwards

P.J. Williams

Winston may be the best QB in college football. In anyone's world he is an elite college football QB and seems to have all the intangibles. May go down as one of the very best EVER to wear garnet and gold.

Darby has been rock solid since he stepped on campus and despite the new defense, he has carved out a role for himself which he is playing well. Will be an NFL draft pick.

GV does not talk about putting Aguayo here should speak volumes.

Edwards is coming around this season since he is in better shape. We are starting to see the impact plays despite being somewhat limited. Should continue to improve. NFL potential.

Williams is getting plenty of run in a loaded secondary and all reports are very positive on him. Could be in a position to slide to Safety down the road (perhaps replacing Brooks), but he looks to be a guy who is cemented in the rotation.


Markuss Eligwe

Reggie Northrup

Eddie Goldman

Chris Casher

Cason Beatty

Eligwe has made his presence felt in limited reps. You can add Northrup to the same category, both appear to be more than capable of playing major minutes down the road. In general there is a lot of talent at the LB spots.

Goldman was given an opportunity to play a lot of snaps, but was not able to capitalize. He stil appears to be a year away from being a major contributor. Casher is progressing a little quicker and it would not surprise to see his PT increase here down the stretch.

Beatty is a starter, but we do not feel like he is proven at this point.


Mario Pender

Justin Shanks

Sean Maguire

Colin Blake

Pender's academic issue was seen as very bad news at the time, but Karlos Williams move to RB brings into question just how much we would have seen of him anyway. All three current running backs have "NFL draft risk", so it will be a big Spring for Mario.

Shanks appears to be in much better shape than he was on the recruiting trail, but he has not had much opportunity yet, that figures to change next Spring where Shanks should be capable of making a move.

We will not see Maguire in 2013 and he is unlikely to play much in 2014. Should Coker leave, Maguire will have a great chance at being the primary back-up in 2014.

Blake has not received any significant snaps, but has been on the field in five games this season.


How do you know when you are recruiting well? When you sign a class of 19-----lose four players within a year making the class really "15"-----but still having 7-8 NFL kids from that class. Watson is already playing on Sunday. Winston, Edwards, Williams, and Darby are well on their way.

In this writer's opinion, regardless of the number of prospects actually signed, "great recruiting classes" need to have 8 starters and 4 program kids. FSU should get that from a very small class.

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