Harrell Breaks Down Top Five

Tampa (Fl) Catholic athlete T.J. Harrell breaks down his top five and where he will take official visits.

Harrell said on Tuesday that Ole Miss, Missouri, Florida State, NC State and Louisville are the schools he has been in the most regular contact with recently and that could be a good indication as to which schools top his list.

He offered some brief thoughts on what appeals to him about each of those schools.

Ole Miss - "Not just the fact they're doing good this year. That's all dandy. I'm still looking at Kentucky and they're having a year that's not so good. It's that Ole Miss really has a coaching staff I can relate to. They want me to come out there and play for them. They're losing some linebackers next year so they're looking for guys that can play early."

Florida State - "Being a recruit I don't watch the games just to watch, but they have been impressive. I watch to see what position would be doing. They want me for running back so I've been watching those guys and seeing those guys up front that would block for me, keep me safe and open holes for a nice speedy power back like me. They have impressed me."

Louisville - "My thoughts on them haven't changed. It's all good. Their loss (to Central Florida) doesn't really hurt them. The games now only go so far because I'm not with that team. Louisville is still in my top group and that hasn't changed. I felt like they actually needed that loss. You get up 28-7 and put it in cruise control, that will bite you in the butt against a good team."

NC State - "They're one of those programs that aren't too high up but they're up and coming. It's good to be on a team that's already high up but it would be good to be part of a team that's on the way up. Coach Huxtable is my recruiter and he's a pretty cool man. He came to the school for a visit and he's shown me a lot of love."

Missouri - "They've been awesome. Missouri has really impressed me man. They're one of those teams that's come out of nowhere. That's another team that's recruiting me as a running back."

Harrell will take official visits to Michigan State (11/2) and Ole Miss (11/24). He said Louisville will definitely get a visit and NC State is most likely going to get one. Florida State will not get an official visit as the 6-0, 185 pound athlete is close to Tallahassee and can visit unofficially on his own dime.

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