Observations on FSU-Syracuse

Wayne McGahee gives his takeaways after Florida State's 59-3 curb-stomping of Syracuse.

1. Very impressed with the way the team came out and played despite the "distractions". I am also impressed with the way they have come out and dominated inferior opponents this year (besides BC).

2. Jameis looked great. he is the only QB to have two games of 90% or above completion percentage for two games this year while throwing 20 or more passes. Also the block that he threw on the Whitfield touchdown was beautiful. It was thirty yards down field on a play that was supposed to be to the opposite side of the field.

3. Someone needs to find Kenny Shaw 1 damn yard. Shaw has had 6 games of between 93-99 yards receiving. Yesterday he had 99.

4. Kermit Whitfield is fast. In other news, the sky is blue.

5. Congrats to Nick O'Leary for breaking the single season record for touchdown catches by a Tight End at Florida State.

6. The defense was all around fantastic. Syracuse averages over 200 yards rushing per game and before the first team defense came out they had -3.

7. Goldman and Edwards Jr. are getting better every week. They are incredibly had to block.

8. Now on to the guy who is IMPOSSIBLE to block. El Loco Ocho, aka Timmy Jernigan, was an absolute animal yesterday. Syracuse could not do anything with him.

9. Casher made one hell of a play yesterday. He beat the tackle, stripped the ball, picked up the ball, broke a tackle and then ran away from the running back on the way to the endzone. Will be a stud here the next few years.

10. The secondary had another ho-hum day. The allowed 110 yards passing. Not good enough. /end sarcasm font.

11. The offensive line had some struggles pass blocking yesterday, but that was also coupled with Winston holding on to the ball too long or not seeing the blitz. Now in run blocking.... I could have ran through those holes. Just mauled all day long. Our interior 3 and Hart were great yesterday. Erving struggled.

12. What got into Cason Beatty yesterday. He did a great job punting. Maybe he is coming around.

13. Aguayo kicked a 53 yarder that might have been good from 70.

14. The running backs didn't get too much work yesterday but i liked what i saw from all 4 of them.

15. This wouldn't be complete without a mention of Big Pad Chad who was an absolute wrecking ball out there.

Other Notes:

1. Alabama really struggled last night. Their running backs have a bad habit of putting the ball on the ground.

2. Auburn has a four leaf clover, taped onto a rabbits foot, tied to a horse shoe in Malzahn's pocket. Would have been one of the all time collapses if not for the miracle Josh Harvey-Clemons tip to Louis. Just insane.

3. Florida is now 4-6 and will have to beat FSU to be bowl eligible. 4. The fighting Cutcliffes kicked the crap out of Miami. First time since 1971 that Duke has beaten two ranked teams in a season. Duke should be ranked here shortly and should finish the season with at least 10 wins. Cutcliffe still gets my vote for National COY.

5. Miami needs its own number because they have just fallen off the face of the earth since they got stomped in Tallahassee. Their fanbase has been going nuts.

6. Stanford lost to USC. Coach O strikes again.

7. I have no clue what to think about Virginia Tech. They are just a poorly coached team. Surprising considering how good Beamer used to be.

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