FSU vs. Idaho Preview and Predictions

After another week marred by allegations against quarterback Jameis Winston, the Noles will be glad to get back on the field, despite it being against a hopelessly overmatched opponent.

The sexual assault allegations that Jameis Winston have again taken center stage all week, in part because of the serious nature of the allegations and in part because this week's game against Idaho is sure to be such a snoozer.

Idaho is the worst team on FSU's schedule, ranked 189th in the Sagarin ratings. By comparison, Bethune-Cookman is ranked 111th. This really is a name-your-score game for the Noles, with the only questions being how late the starters should play in the week prior to the Florida game and whether FSU can make it through the game without injury.

Expect the starters to play no more than a half, as the injury risk is greater than the payoff for playing a little longer to avoid rust—especially since Idaho is so bad that extra repetitions against them really don't matter.

Expect lots of backup quarterback Sean Maguire and tailback Karlos Williams, as each continues to need the reps at this point in the year. Idaho's only real chance to score is through a blown play—either a turnover on offense or a bust on defense. If ever there was a game ready-made for a running clock, this would be it. Not much to say beyond that.

Noles roll, 73-0.

Wayne: Arkansas State beat Idaho 48-24

Memphis beat Arkansas State 31-7

Duke beat Memphis 28-14

Pittsburgh beat Duke 58-55

Florida State beat Pittsburgh 41-13

Therefore, applying the transitive property, Florida State is 93 points better than Idaho. But since Jimbo is such a nice guy we will lower expectations to 66-0.

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