Thoughts after the Florida Game

Wayne McGahee posts his thoughts on the Florida game and more.

1. Kelvin Benjamin could be the most dominant receiver in college football if he comes back next year. As well as he played Saturday he still had two big drops that would have made his day even more spectacular. First Florida State receiver to have over 200 yards in a game since Cro Thorpe.

2. Winston looked great yesterday. As bad as Florida has been their secondary was the third best pass defense in the country going in. They have three corners that will go on to play in the NFL. Jameis didn't care. He attacked the entire game and had phenomenal numbers.

3. The offensive line had a lot of trouble early on protecting Jameis. An adjustment was made and I don't think Jameis hit the ground again after the second quarter. Well done by Trickett.

4. Aguayo is so money. Really glad Florida State has him. Just look at what happened to Alabama.

5. Kenny Shaw only had one catch, but it might have been the biggest of the game. On 3rd and 25 Shaw comes over the middle, makes the catch, and gets absolutely rocked but still manages to hold onto the football. Before this play the offense hadn't been able to get into any rhythm and had looked out of sorts. After this play the offense came alive.

6. The defense held Florida to 193 yards of total offense. 78 rushing and 115 passing. That's a pretty good day at the offense. 50 of those yards came on one run. Other than that play Florida gained 28 yards on 23 carries. Mornhinweg averaged 4.6 yards per attempt.

7. Greene, Shaw, and Benjamin all have good shots to get to 1,000 yards this season. Benjamin is the furthest away needing to average 81 yards in the final two games.

8. Mario Edwards Jr. has turned into the player we all hoped he would be. He was extremely disruptive against the run and also put multiple pressures on Mornhinweg. He also forced Florida's first turnover.

9. Nick O'Leary played very well yesterday in both the blocking and receiving aspects of the game. He had some really impressive catches.

10. Freeman didn't have great rushing stats, but as usual he found a way to contribute. Every passing play he was out there blocking like a champ. He might be the best pass blocking running back I have ever seen.

11. Telvin Smith did a great job of fighting off blocks yesterday. Seemed like he was in on every single tackle.

12. Time to give credit where it's due. I have been on Cason Beatty all year for his performance. Well the last half of this year he has improved. He averaged 44 yards a punt versus Florida.

13. I have absolutely no issue with Cam Erving drawing an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Powell should have been ejected for spitting on him multiple times.

Other thoughts:

1. I wonder who Florida will get to replace Pease knowing that they will only get one year with that roster to turn things around. If they don't turn it around the whole coaching staff will be fired.

2. Saban made a mistake. Yes I said it. He did. On the other side of things Auburn has to be the luckiest team in the country. Two times in three weeks they come up with miracles.

3. I will not pick Clemson to beat South Carolina as long as Dabo is still coaching there. Spurrier kicks his tail every time they play. That game was embarrassing.

4. The ACC had a chance to go 3-1 yesterday and GT and Wake screwed it up. Both were up in the 4th quarter and threw it away.

5. Duke!!! Really happy for coach Cutcliffe and what he has been able to accomplish this year.

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