NoleDigest Top 10 - Championship Week

The NoleDigest staff ranks the top ten teams in the country after a wild rivalry weekend.

NoleDigest Top 10:

Lots of turmoil at the top after FSU, though two of our three staffers still believe Alabama is one of the top two teams in the country, with Missouri and Auburn tied for third.

1. Florida State 30 (3)
2. Alabama 26
3. Missouri 23
3. Auburn 23
5. Ohio State 16
6. Oklahoma State 15
7. South Carolina 12
8. Baylor 8
9. Michigan State 5
10. Clemson 4
Others receiving votes: Arizona State 2; Stanford 1

Geoff's Ballot:

1. Florida State: Never even challenged this season
2. Alabama: Back to back titles and the best loss of the season
3. Missouri: Second-best loss of the season
4. Auburn: Reasonable loss, team has gotten better every week
5. Ohio State: The worst undefeated team since Northern Illinois in 2012.
6. Oklahoma State: Pitiful loss to West Virginia
7. South Carolina: The Tennessee loss looks inexcusable
8. Baylor Not sure what to think here honestly. Texas doesn't present much of a challenge this week.
9. Clemson: I'm going to keep them here because of the two quality losses
10 Arizona State: A bit outside the box, but 8-1 in the Pac 12 is impressive

Jason's Ballot:

1. Florida State: If this team continues on its present path, it will be considered one of the all-time greats.
2. Alabama: I've said all year that this team is flawed, but I still think they're the second-best in the country even after a heartbreaking loss on the road.
3. Missouri: I think they'd have beaten Bama in the SECCG, but Auburn is a different kind of matchup.
4. Auburn: Should have a loss to UGA to pair with the one to LSU. Malzahn is living right.
5. Oklahoma State: The WVU loss is more inexplicable than FSU's loss to NCSU last year.
6. South Carolina: I've been a doubter all year, but they proved they belong this week.
7. Ohio State: I just don't believe they would beat any of the teams ranked above them. They're basically Texas A&M. Not sure they beat MSU this week
8. Baylor: No idea where they really fit at this point.
9. Clemson: Just not good enough up front to compete with the top tier, but as good as anyone below that group.
10 Arizona State: Glad to see Geoff join me with the Sun Devils this high.

Wayne's Ballot

1. Florida State
2. Auburn
3. Alabama
4. Missouri
5. Ohio State
6. Michigan State
7. Oklahoma State
8. South Carolina
9. Baylor
10 Stanford

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