McGahee's Pick: Florida State vs. Auburn

Wayne McGahee briefly previews the National Title Game.

After a month of waiting here we are. Florida State against the SEC… I mean Auburn. The team of Destiny against the best team in all of college football. On paper this game isn't a contest. Florida State is better than Auburn on both sides of the ball. The narrative that has been played over the past month is how Auburn is battle tested due to all the close games they have played. The Tigers needed last second wins over Mississippi State, Washington State, Georgia, and Alabama. They also have a 14-point loss on their record to LSU.

Florida State hasn't had worse than a 14-point victory this season and 12 of the 13 games were won by 27-plus. Auburn's defense is 18th in the F+ rankings, which ranks below Clemson. While the Florida State offense is on pace to score the most points in college football history and has scored 37-plus in every game so far this season. Jameis Winston is the best quarterback in the nation against the blitz and gets to play behind one of the best offensive lines in the country. The Trio of Kelvin Benjamin, Rashad Greene, and Kenny Shaw are all within 75 yards of 1,000. Florida State running back Devonta Freeman is looking to become the first Florida State back with 1,000 yards since Warrick Dunn.

The one thing Auburn does especially well is run the football averaging over 300 yards rushing per game. Florida State's defense will be the key in the game. If the Seminoles can continually get Auburn into 2nd and 10 and 3rd and 7-plus they will be forced to throw the football which they are 107th in the nation at. The Florida State corners are much better than anything Auburn has faced this year and will allow the safeties to play closer to the box to stop the run.

I expect the Seminoles to get off to a fast start and put Auburn into the position of having to play from behind. I do not expect the Auburn defense to be able to stop the Florida State offense. There are just too many weapons for them to focus on. While I don't expect the Seminole defense to completely stop Auburn, I do expect them to get a few stops. That will be all the Florida State offense needs as the Seminoles bring home their third National Championship 45-20.

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