Film Don't Lie: Auburn's Red Zone Weakness

We have previously discussed Auburn's defensive success in the red zone. Now we point out one weakness we saw on film.

Auburn's defense gives up lots of yardage in the middle of the field but tightens up significantly in the red zone. Nevertheless, we did notice one particular weakness against the pass on film that we expect Florida State to take advantage of between the 15 and 5 yard line.

Having watched the film, I expect to see Florida State attack the middle of the field behind the linebackers in this area of the field. As the field compresses, the Auburn linebackers often end their drop about two or three yards into the end zone, leaving the high throw to the back of the end zone over the middle open. (I don't have a film clip for this, but pay attention to it when in that part of the field.)

On a similar note, when a little closer to the twenty, the middle of the field is quite often open for the tight end or slot receiver, as shown here:

Look for the Seminoles to take advantage of this tendency when in the red zone.

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