Film Don't Lie: Auburn's Speed/Buck Sweep

The Power play combined with a speed/buck sweep is the foundation of the Auburn offense. Take a look at how the sweep part of the package works.

We've already addressed the Power part of Malzahn's offense, but Auburn has actually run for more yardage outside the tackles than between the tackles this year. Rather than reinvent the wheel and write up the entire explanation of the buck/speed sweep package, we'll simply provide links to very good explanations of these plays.

First, Malzahn himself discussing his shotgun buck sweep package:

Second, a set of cut-ups from Auburn's national championship season in 2010:

Third, a full article explaining the ins and outs of the package.

Over the second half of this season Auburn has added a lot more zone read as well, often with an additional pass option for the QB when running wide. Florida State's corners will need to be especially careful to stick with the receiver rather than coming up immediately to stop the zone read to avoid what happened to both LSU (for a big play though not a touchdown) and Alabama:

Florida State's ability to play man on the outside should help take any indecision away from the cornerback, and it is critical for the safety support (or cornerback in some coverages) to maintain leverage and force the sweep to help, ever maintaining the tackling triangle.

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