Length is the Word for FSU's Recruiting Class

One thing really sticks out in Florida State's 2014 recruiting class: the astounding length across the board, pointing to a clear emphasis by the coaching staff.

One thing sticks out more than other with Florida State's 2014 recruiting class: This group is as long as Caddyshack's Dalai Lama.

From the "Human Condor" Lorenzo Featherston (6'7 with an estimated 7' wingspan) all the way into the skill positions, this FSU class has more length than any class I can remember. All in all, the Seminoles signed sixteen (!) players 6'4 or taller and several others near that height with abnormally long wingspans.

Of the seven signees on the offensive line, none is shorter than 6'4, with Brock Ruble the tallest at 6'8. And aside from center recruit Alec Eberle (6'4), every one of them is long armed for their height to boot.

On the defensive line, Featherston obviously sticks out right away as one of the longest edge prospects I've ever seen. But Rick Leonard (6'7, 265) isn't far behind, again displaying rare height and wingspan for that position. DeMarcus Christmas is a solid 6'4 with long arms, with the same kind of height and length for that position that Eddie Goldman has on the current roster.

Two other defensive tackles, Adam Torres and Arthur Williams, are 6'4, again on the tall end of the spectrum for the position. Fredrick Jones (6'2, 285) and Derrick Nnadi (6'2, 295) are in the usual height range for the nose tackle position but again both have longer than average wingspans, helping them win the hand battle at the line of scrimmage.

Kain Daub (6'3) and Jacob Pugh (6'4) bring excellent length to the linebacker position, and Malique Jackson is a long-limbed 5'11 at cornerback.

That extra length allows players to carry more weight more easily without losing speed. Even more importantly in the era of spread offenses, long defenders effectively reduce the amount of space on the field, with bigger wingspans providing a huge advantage tackling in space and setting the edge.

This was very much a foundational type of class focused on both lines, and judging by the kinds of frames Florida State was able to attract to Tallahassee, the foundation looks solid.

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