Jimbo Fisher Post-Practice Interview

Fisher talks about the start of the second week of spring practice.

Listen to the full audio of Jimbo's post-practice comments here.

Partial Transcript via FSU SID:

"Much better tempo today. I liked the whole tempo. With some of these in-and-out drills, guys are starting to get the hang of it. With spring ball you've got less people so you have to get more reps. The physical part of it I liked. We were physical, not hurting each other, practicing the right way, doing things with our hands. Defensively we did some real nice things. I see some real athletic guys over there at three levels – front, linebackers, secondary. Offensively, I feel we caught the ball much better today. We've got potential, we just have to be in the right places and be consistent."

On if the emphasis is placed more on defense after losing several star players:

"I'm going to tell you now, the defense I'm pleased with. There's a lot of knowledge with those guys. Even with the guys that left, there's a lot of experience with this group. For the linebackers, (Ukeme) Eligwe jumps out at me, Matthew Thomas looks really good, as well as Terrance Smith. Those guys have all jumped out there and stepped into some roles that I'm very proud of. Eddie Goldman is getting better every day, I like his progress. Some of those guys in the secondary are pretty talented back there."

On the reasoning behind Terrance Smith's move to the Will linebacker:

"Just versatility, being able to play two or three positions. You don't know when a guy gets injured, so when you can mix and match guys to get the best personnel on the field in different packages, when you get older you need to be multiple in your positions and it allows you to understand your defense better. Like if you know what the Will or Mike is doing as a Sam, it allows you to play differently in different situations."

On the versatility of rising sophomore Jalen Ramsey:

"Jalen can do about anything he wants to. He's playing safety, nickel, corner. I've been extremely pleased with the way he is playing. P.J. (Williams) is playing real well, Lamarcus Brutus has had a good spring. I think Trey Marshall is going to be a really good player. I think he has corner capabilities too. It's been a good group."

On Ramsey's intelligence:

"He's smart and he knows all three positions. He can lead, he can talk, he's intelligent, he processes things and gets them to his teammates. I'm pleased with his whole dynamic in the way he is playing. He's taken on that role and he feels comfortable doing it." On the play of the wide receivers so far in the spring:

"Scooter (Jarred Haggins) playing in the slot has done some good things. I've been really pleased with BoBo (Jesus Wilson) out there. BoBo has played well, Isaiah (Jones) has come on, Kermit (Whitfield) was consistent and we got him making some plays in space and he was better in his routes. Christian Green has been solid."

On cross-training players to different positions during spring ball:

"It is (difficult) because they have to learn quickly in a limited amount of time. In the long run it's going to help, but right now we have to cram as much information in as we can. You have to build your library right now, because however we play now is not going to count. It's getting them to the fall and getting them as many reps. When you are familiar with something it makes it easier to learn when that package is pulled out. Right now we have to cram as much information to those guys as possible."

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