Florida State Unveils New Uniforms

Florida State officially unveiled new football uniforms on Friday, to pair with the new logo that was leaked earlier in the week. The unveiling also included an interview with Jameis Winston, who expressed his excitement about the new look.

Florida State's Ignition...Tradition campaign was launched on Friday evening, including the unveiling of a new, simplified Seminole head logo and updated football uniforms for 2014.

The logo had already been leaked online on April 2, with the design receiving a mixed reception, with some appreciating the simplified, cleaner design and others finding the facial expression and overall design objectionable. What is not up for debate, however, is the fact that the new logo will positively impact FSU's merchandise bottom line, though it is unlikely to supplant the spear as many fans' preferred symbol.

The uniforms, however, are less likely to inspire outrage, as they maintain continuity with the classic FSU look but with a sleeker, more aggressive and modern design. The uniforms also include an alternate black design and an alternate matte garnet helmet, which will be used on rare occasions.

New basketball uniforms were also introduced.

The current players have responded very positively to the new uniforms, as evidenced by Jameis Winston's comments.

The modernized uniforms should have a positive impact on recruiting, as the old uniforms, while classic, had lost some of their "pop" with high schoolers used to seeing the bold designs of programs like Oregon and Baylor.

Stay tuned to NoleDigest, as we will provide reactions from FSU's recruiting targets as we hear from them.

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