Jimbo Fisher ACC Teleconference Summary

Jimbo Fisher briefly talked to the media on Wednesdays, fielding questions about Jameis Winston, Jeremy Pruitt, and how FSU will handle success in 2014.

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher addressed the media in the ACC Spring Football Teleconference on Wednesday morning, addressing a range of subjects with a national media audience. The following is a brief recap of the presser.

Fisher started by observing that it was a very successful spring, with the most important thing being the lack of major injuries, only bumps and bruises and a few minor surgeries. He was especially pleased by how they were able to turn up the tempo and physicality in the second half of the spring, developing depth across the board.

Fisher emphasized that the 2014 team has the most depth of any team he's had at FSU, listing nearly every position as having improved depth.

Asked about the recent push for a players' union and changes in how student-athletes are handled, Fisher was cautious. "We're trying to go down a road we don't know, and we need to be careful." Fisher emphasized that while unionization could potentially bring improvements in some areas, you have to know "what could you possibly have given up in becoming a union" before going down that road.

Essentially, Fisher reserved judgment but emphasized the need for caution in such unknown territory, as unintended consequences can be quite costly.

Asked about the progress of the backup quarterbacks, Fisher says Sean Maguire showed a strong grasp of the offense in the spring and executed to his ability. John Franklin, on the other hand, needs to continue to develop his understanding, but he has the full physical package and can make all the throws. Fisher also referenced Franklin's recent 10.7 100m time at the ACC Championships, referencing the kind of impact a QB with that kind of speed can offer an offense.

Asked about how he has managed to transition from QB to QB with such success, Fisher first emphasized the importance of recruiting the right players. Secondly, Fisher, says each successive QB has learned from the one who went to the NFL previously, as the veterans teach their backups how to prepare and what kind of work is necessary to be successful.

Asked about the difficulty about refocusing after a national title, Fisher emphasized the importance of letting the players have a little extra time to "decompress" after such a late end to the season. Players have to recover physically and especially mentally before you ask them to work toward the next season. In Fisher's words, they have to "comprehend what has just happened," before they can move forward.

Fisher says they gave the team enough time to do that, which prevents everything from just blurring together, and now last year is in the past and he's very pleased with the focus of the new team.

Fisher was clearly less than thrilled when asked to comment on Jeremy Pruitt's impact on last year's defense and how quickly he might turn around the Georgia defense. Pruitt "did a good job of organizing and calling the game" as a coordinator, but "I knew we'd have a good defense no matter who we had at coordinator a year ago," as the culture of the program and talent levels were primed for success. Fisher said he has no idea how well that will translate to UGA because he doesn't know the overall condition of the Georgia program.

Asked about Winston's participation in the spring, Fisher said he was more tired during the spring due to having gone through a full football season prior to baseball, but "he's our leader" and participated in everything at a high level throughout.

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