Jameis Winston Crablifting Video

Video footage of Jameis Winston's crablifting escapade has been posted online.

We can finally close the book on the Jameis Winston crablifting scandal as the surveillance video is now available online, courtesy of Tallahassee.com.

The video shows Winston's second trip into Publix to pick up the order of steamed crab and crawfish he had placed minutes earlier. After picking up the seafood, Winston picks up a stick of butter and ultimately casually walks out of the store, bypassing the checkout lines.

The video does not answer all questions, as it is unclear whether Winston thought he had paid on his prior trip inside the store, as has been claimed from the Winston camp. Nevertheless, the video provides a clear view of a college-aged male superstar athlete walking through automatic doors with over $32 of seafood without any intention of stopping at a checkout counter to pay.

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