NoleDigest Draft: GV's Team

NoleDigest's Geoff Vogt, Jason Staples, and Wayne McGahee drafted their "all-time" Florida State football teams on Friday afternoon. Here is an inside look at Vogt's team, why he chose the players that he did, and why it is the best team.

Draft Strategy/Goals

1. To accept Chris Weinke as the starting QB

*Why? Because I can land him with the LAST pick in the draft-----a Heisman winner and national champion. He also is the best fit for the offense that I want to run (think Cowboys mid 90s).

2. To have the best offensive line and that starts with Walter Jones.

3. To think "big" early as much as possible.

4. To have a team that can match up physically with anyone.

How the draft went and explanation of picks

Staples: Deion Sanders, CB

VOGT: Walter Jones, OT

I think this is an easy choice as Jones is the best FSU offensive linemen (think big) of all-time, he is an OT, and the offense is built from a position of strength. I would take Jones no. 1 overall in this type of draft largely because FSU is not particularly deep with offensive linemen.

Oh, he is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame as well.

McGahee: Charlie Ward, QB

McGahee: Warrick Dunn, RB

VOGT: Derrick Brooks, LB

I may have gone against the grain of the big theory if Dunn made it back to me. He did not. Brooks is an easy pick here as he is clearly FSU's best LB of all-time and fits everything I desire from a LB in the defensive scheme. I also feel he is scheme versatile. DURABLE.

He is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Staples: Rons Simmons, DT

Staples: Andre Wadsworth, DE

VOGT: Corey Simon, DT

This pick may or may not surprise some, but I need to anchor my defensive line and when healthy, this was the best to ever play at FSU. Capable of taking up blockers as well as putting pressure on the QB, I feel like when healthy he is as good as it gets at FSU. Now landing him a partner inside will be key and I am hoping to stick with the Eagle's here and land Brodrick Bunkley down the road. I strongly considered Tra Thomas and Alex Barron here.

McGahee: Alex Barron, OT

McGahee: Peter Warrick, WR

VOGT: Tra Thomas, OT/OG

Well Wayne forced my hand here and he makes this choice easy. I now have 2 of FSU's 3 best OTs of All-Time..........but I am not done with OT. I want two more-----specifically 2 of Erving, B Williams, and Henderson. That is now the main priority for the rest of the draft. Why? Because these guys are just that superior athletically to the guards. If I can accomplish it, I will look real-real good at the end.

I could move Thomas inside to OG if I land Erving.

Staples: Peter Boulware, DE/LB

Staples: Jameis Winston, QB

VOGT: Marvin "Shade Tree" Jones, LB

I was expecting to take Boulware because I anticipated Jason pairing Jones with Winston. Jason allows me to take the Dade County LB in Jones and I pair him with Brooks which makes me sick at the LB position. Sick. I can run and hit that is for sure. In a perfect world I am thinking Lawrence Timmons to for the 3rd LB and I think I have 3-4 rounds to wait on him. That is what I want.

Again, I was resigned to Weinke so the Winston pick is expected and does not hurt.

McGahee: Jamie Dukes, OG

McGahee: Clay Shiver, OC

VOGT: Antonio Cromartie, CB

I think Wayne had a little knee jerk reaction to the 3 OL off the board already, neither guy is even on my radar. I do not really want Cromartie either (necessarily), but I do NOT want the midget corners (Buckley, Cody), thus I want Cromartie.

I am now 100% committed to having to land Xavier Rhodes at the opposite CB and then the two best CB types to move to Safety to cover. Big, physical CBs, sleek-smooth safeties to cover down the field. But I will get those guys later.

Staples: Darnell Dockett, DT

Staples: Leroy Butler, S

VOGT: Rodney Hudson, OC

I am hoping to be able to play him at Center, but my OT to OG plan has to work to make that possible. He covers me at Center or guard, can flat play, and is one player who helped FSU re-build to NC quality. Plus it takes another top linemen off the board.

McGahee: Fred Biletnikoff, WR

McGahee: Ron Sellers, WR

VOGT: Anquan Boldin, WR

SHOCK AND AWE. My heart dropped when I saw WRs off the board there as Boldin was the one guy I absolutely wanted. But alas the youngster McGahee goes absolutely old school on us. That is fine as Boldin is the one guy who is absolutely essential to the offense I want to run. I am ecstatic right now.

Staples: Montrae Holland, OG

Staples: Tre Jackson, OG

VOGT: Cam Erving, OG/OT

!!!!! Bam. I just kicked Staples in the gut, made my offensive line "super athletic", and landed a top tier OL rather late in the draft. I am going Brett Williams here if Staples would have taken Erving. Putting him on the same side as Thomas brings up some intriguing possibilities.

McGahee: Brett Williams, OT

McGahee: Jason Whitaker, OG

VOGT: Xavier Rhodes, CB

A couple of very important things happened above as I feel this is the key point in the draft. I STARTED THE RUN ON OL. I started it, but I am clearly the best right now as well (Jones, Thomas, Erving, Hudson). In a lot of ways I have made Staples/McGahee reach to fill the need. McGahee is done on the OL. And I have to gamble that Staples thinks I am done at OT......but I am not, I want Mario Henderson. I am gambling that he thinks he can just pick him off late (like I am going to get Weinke).

Why Rhodes? Like I said above, I need him to pair with Cromartie. I now have two big CBs (think Seahawks) and a plethora of DBs to choose from for my cover Safeties. My second Dade County player as well.

Staples: Lawrence Timmons, LB

Staples: Javon Walker, WR

VOGT: Jamal Reynolds, DE

OUCH. Thought about Timmons with the Rhodes pick----thought Jason might be thinking of pairing him with I took Rhodes over Timmons. Jason took Timmons. I am not in love with the Reynolds pick here, but I like him more than the available options at DE and he gets me half way home there.

I now know that I will get Tommy Polley late in the draft to complete the LB spot.

McGahee: Snoop Minnis, WR

McGahee: Terrell Buckley, CB

VOGT: Kelvin Benjamin, WR

I think Wayne went too small with those two picks. I am not Kelvin's biggest fan, but the tools are undeniable.........and the thought of Weinke throwing darts to Boldin/Benjamin makes me believe that my pro style attack is right where it needs to be.

I am now committed to Greg Jones and Laverneus Coles on offense (will explain below).

Staples: Menelik Watson, OT

Staples: Lamarcus Joyner, S

VOGT: Greg Jones, FB

Staples picks had no impact. Not interested in Watson and Joyner is too small for what I am putting together. If you have Benjamin/ might as well add another physical hammer. Listed at FB, I just consider Jones to be one of the two backs in the set. Capable of hurting opponents.

McGahee: Reinard Wilson, DE

McGahee: Sam Cowart, LB

VOGT: Brodrick Bunkley, DT

This was the guy I was thinking of when I drafted Simon (to pair with him). Now is the time to pull the trigger. I need one more DE to complete my DL and I definitely want Werner.

Staples: Ernie Sims, LB

Staples: Rashad Greene, WR

VOGT: Samari Rolle, S

I like both of Staples picks above as I think there is a lot of value there. I am taking Rolle to play Safety in my scheme. I want him to be able to cover down the field and to be able to play in space. Rolle can do that. Very solid and dependable.

McGahee: Alphonse Carreker, DT

McGahee: Paul McGowan, LB

VOGT: Bjoern Werner, DE

Bottom line I like Werner more than the available DEs and his versatility with Reynolds allows me to play multiple fronts (both can drop to LB). I think this is excellent value.

Staples: Greg Allen, RB

Staples: Jalen Ramsey, CB/S

VOGT: P.J. Williams, S

Staples choice of Allen leaves me all the other RBs to choose from. I am taking PJ to play at Safety as he is an ideal fit for my defense. Will be asked to do a lot of things-----but he is built perfect for it. Really think this is THE spot for him. Has 20-25 pounds on Ramsey.

McGahee: Reggie Herring, LB

McGahee: Tay Cody, CB

VOGT: Mario Henderson, OG

Good morning! And good night! I get someone from the "239" and end all discussion on the OL. Sick haul.

Staples: Bryant McFadden, CB

Staples: Bryan Stork, OC

VOGT: Laverneus Coles, WR

I have the physical, possession types in Boldin and Benjamin...........I absolutely need Coles speed to stretch the field. P-E-R-F-E-C-T fit. I also think this pick gives me the most complete receiver group as well as the toughest to defend.

McGahee: Derrick Alexander, DE

McGahee: Sebastian Janikowski, K

VOGT: Roberto Aguayo, K

I am not going to talk about kickers.

Staples: Josue Matias, OG

Staples: Rohn Stark, P

VOGT: Graham Gano, P

Just to block Staples from getting him!

McGahee: Shawn Powell, P

McGahee: Odell Haggins, DT

VOGT: Tommy Polley, LB

I really think this is as much value as exists in the draft. Polley is a LB that runs like a S which is exactly what I need (another guy that can play in space). He is a really good fit on this team. I thought hard about Henry Crockett, but Polley's athleticism is just a better fit.

Staples: EG Green, WR

Staples: Nick O'Leary, TE

VOGT: Chris Weinke, QB

I really think he is the best fit with this personnel. Obviously make out like a bandit here.

McGahee: Bobby Butler, S

McGahee: J.T. Thomas, S

VOGT: Sammie Smith, RB

Tough tough pick here. Amp Lee. Edgar Bennett. Marion Butts. Travis Minor. Devonta Freeman. Karlos Williams. I could have went in any of those directions. At the end of the day-----the thought of pairing this physical freak with Greg Jones-----wow that is just really enticing. We are gonna play some power football.

Staples: Dustin Hopkins, K


















LB Marvin Jones








Why my team is the best

1. It is the most physical team and it is not close. 2 big RBs. 2 physical WRs. 5 beasts on the OL. Jones/Brooks cracking heads. Cromartie/Rhodes to match-up with big WRs.

2. The OL is clearly the best.

3. The LBs are clearly the best.

4. Front 7 on defense is straight up nasty and can run.

5. I think it would be the hardest offense to defend. I have a QB that can throw darts, RBs that can pound the football, low risk type offense that will be tough to get off the field. Both Boldin and Benjamin are guys that can get the football 1on1.

What I like/don't like about Staples team

Like: I like his DL and his secondary. Both spots are pretty stout (although don't feel either is better than mine---although Deion is tough to deal with).

Don't Like: The offensive line. Not crazy about Greg Allen as a lone back and think Walker, Green, Greene, and O'Leary are ordinary at WR.

What I like/don't like about McGahee's team

Like: Ward/Dunn/Warrick is as close to the Holy Grail for FSU fans as it gets! Snoop is also a crowd favorite.

Don't Like: The OL is alright. Think it is the 3rd best a decent margin. Tiny at CB.

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