NoleDigest All-Time FSU Football Draft

The NoleDigest staff drafts their all-time FSU rosters. Whose team turns out the best?

Geoff, Jason, and Wayne recently participated in a snake draft for their all-time FSU rosters. The rules were as follows:

1) Each team will be comprised of 11 offensive and defensive players plus punter and kicker.

2) Any base formation is acceptable. You may choose a 4-3, 3-4, Nickel, I-Formation, 4WR Ace, etc.

3) Players must be drafted for their actual position. That is, the defensive line can't just be comprised of defensive ends, etc.

The rosters are below. Geoff has already provided his draft commentary here; Jason's commentary can be found here; and Wayne's commentary is here.

Jason's Team

Geoff's Team

Wayne's Team

Whose team would you choose? Vote in our premium forum here.

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