NoleDigest All-Time Draft: Wayne's Commentary

NoleDigest's Geoff Vogt, Jason Staples, and Wayne McGahee drafted their "all-time" Florida State football teams on Friday afternoon. Here is an inside look at McGahee's team, the rationale behind his draft, and why his is the best team.

The NoleDigest Staff drafted their "all-time" Florida State teams on Friday evening. The rules were as follows:

1) Each team will be comprised of 11 offensive and defensive players plus punter and kicker.

2) Any base formation is acceptable. You may choose a 4-3, 3-4, Nickel, I-Formation, 4WR Ace, etc.

3) Players must be drafted for their actual position. That is, the defensive line can't just be comprised of defensive ends, etc.

Goals going into the draft

1. Focus on the offense. Florida State has too many great defensive players to be worried about getting them early.

2. Get the best offensive line.

3. Draft production

4. Go old school if I need to.

Draft Recap and Commentary

Round 1

Charlie Ward - QB– Thomasville, GA

Comment: With the third pick in the draft I didn't think there was any way that "Chollie" would fall to me. This is a no brainer for me as he is the best quarterback to ever set foot in Doak Campell and maybe the best to ever play college football. He won the 1993 Heisman Trophy, Maxwell award, Walter Camp award, Davey O'Brien award, Chic Harley award, and the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm award. He also led Florida State to their first National Championship.

Round 2

Warrick Dunn -RB– Baton Rouge, LA

Comment: Last year ended the streak of sixteen straight seasons without a thousand yard rusher at Florida State. Warrick Dunn did it three straight years was part of one of the most memorable plays in Florida State history as a freshman as he raced down the sideline to beat the Gators in 1993. He still holds the records for most rushing yards in a career (3,959) and rushing yards in a season (1,418). He was a three-time All-ACC selection. He was taken 12th overall in the 1997 NFL draft.

Round 3

Alex Barron –OT – Orangeburg, SC

Comment: Here is the cornerstone of my offensive line. The only two time consensus All-American offensive lineman in Florida State history. He is the only offensive lineman in Florida State history to have his locker sealed. He was drafted in the first round of the 2005 NFL draft.

Round 4

Peter Warrick –WR- Bradenton, FL

Comment: Round four is scandalously low for a player of his caliber. Opposing defenses had to scheme around him and more often than not failed to stop him. He led Florida State to the 1999 National Championship. Along with Alex Barron he is a two time consensus All-American. He was drafted fourth overall in the 2000 NFL draft. Statistically he is Florida State's second best receiver of all time.

Round 5

Jamie Dukes-OG-Orlando, FL

Comment: Here is another consensus All-American on my offensive line. He is one of only three guards to be an All-American in Florida State history. He was a two time All-ACC offensive lineman. He was undrafted, but played for ten season in the NFL.

Round 6

Clay Shiver-OC-Tifton, GA

Comment: Here we have another consensus All-American on my offensive line. This time it is the only Center in Florida State history to achieve that status. He was a three time All-ACC player and was drafted in the third round.

Round 7

Fred Biletnikoff-WR- Erie, PA

Comment: All you need to know about Biletnikoff is that the award for the best college football wide receiver is named after him. In 1964 he scored the only touchdown in the game where Florida State defeated Florida for the first time. Biletnikoff was drafted twice. Eleventh overall in the 1965 AFL draft and thirty-ninth overall in the 1965 NFL draft. He also happened to be the Seminoles first consensus All-American.

Round 8

Ron Sellers-WR-Jacksonville, FL

Comment: Sellers is right there with Peter Warrick for best wide receiver to play for Florida State. Sellers averaged almost 120 yards per game throughout his career and is first on the all-time receiving list with 3,598 yards. He also holds a five reception lead over Warrick with 212. He was Florida State's second consensus All-American and the University's first first round draft pick in 1969.

Round 9

Brett Williams-OT-Kissimmee, FL

Comment: Here is the only member of my offensive line that was not a consensus All American. He was selected as a Playboy All-American in 2002 and was awarded the Jacobs Blocking Trophy his junior and senior year. He was selected in the fourth round of the 2003 NFL draft.

Round 10

Jason Whitaker-OG-Panama City, FL

Comment: The last piece of my offensive line puzzle. Another consensus All-American and the second of the three guards with that distinction on my offensive line. He was a three year starter for the Seminoles and a team captain on the 1999 National Championship team. Injuries prevented him from playing in the NFL.

Round 11

Marvin "Snoop" Minnis-WR-Miami, FL

Comment: Florida State fans have quite a few fond memories of Snoop, but one long lasting bad memory of how he was academically ineligible for the 2000 National Championship game. Despite that he is still one of the best wide receivers in Florida State history and one of the four Florida State wide receivers to be named consensus All-Americans. You will notice that all four are on my team. In 2000 he finished with 1340 yards and 11 touchdowns with a 21.3 average.

Round 12

Terrell Buckley-CB-Pascagoula, MS

Comment: "The Foola from Pascagoula" is one of the two best corners to ever don the Garnet and Gold. He was a Jim Thorpe award winner and a consensus All-American. He finished his career with 21 interceptions and seven touchdowns (four interception returns and three punt returns). He is most well-known for taking the second pass of the game from Michigan quarterback Elvis Grbac to the house and starting the romp in the Big House. He was taken fifth overall in the 1992 NFL draft where he played 15 seasons.

Round 13

Reinard Wilson-DE-Gainesville, FL

Comment: Picking up the all-time sack leader in Florida State history in the 13th round is the steal of the draft. Wilson racked up an amazing 35.5 sacks over his career as well as 27 tackles for loss. Wilson was a consensus All-American and taken 14th overall in the 1997 draft.

Round 14

Sam Cowart-LB-Jacksonville, FL

Comment: Another consensus All-American here. What is the most incredible thing about Cowart was that he came back to become an All-American after a knee injury derailed the season prior. He finished his career with 338 tackles and 9 sacks. He was taken in the second round of the 1998 NFL draft.

Round 15

Alphonso Carreker-DT-Columbus, OH

Comment: Carreker is one of the most underrated players in Seminole history. He anchored the line when Florida State was first making a name for themselves in the early 80's. He ended his career with 21 sacks and 19 tackles for loss. He was the 12th overall pick in the 1984 NFL draft.

Round 16

Paul McGowan-LB-Winter Park, FL

Comment: Two Florida State players have received the Butkus award as the best linebacker in the nation. McGowan is one of those two. He finished his career with an incredible 456 tackles and 32 tackles for loss. He was drafted in the ninth round of the 1988 NFL draft.

Round 17

Reggie Herring-LB-Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Comment: Herring may have had the most impressive single season for a linebacker in Florida State history in 1980 where he tallied an amazing 170 tackles and 6 sacks. He finished his career with 452 tackles. He is currently the linebackers coach for the Chicago Bears.

Round 18

Tay Cody-CB-Colquitt, GA

Comment: Tay Cody was not the best cover corner to ever play for Florida State. He was physical and had an eye for the football. His senior year he had six interceptions and returned one for a touchdown. He was named a consensus All-American and was drafted in the third round of the 2001 NFL draft.

Round 19

Derrick Alexander-DE-Jacksonville, FL

Comment: Alexander was a wrecking ball on the 1993 National Championship team. He was a fantastic run stopping defensive end finishing second on the team with 100 tackles while also notching five sacks. He had eleven tackles in the 1993 National Championship game against Nebraska. He was taken with the 11th overall pick in the 1995 NFL draft.

Round 20

Sebastian Janikowski-K-Poland

Comment: What is there to say about the only two time Groza winner? He was the only kicker to ever be taken in the first round. The Polish Powder Keg was as well known for his off the field stories as his cannon of a leg.

Round 21

Shawn Powell-P-Rome, GA

Comment: Shawn Powell is the only consensus All-American punter in Florida State history. He started as a freshman and continually improved to the point that he was a weapon for the Seminoles. His senior year he finished with a ridiculous 47.0 yard per punt average.

Round 22

Odell Haggins-DT-Lakeland, FL

Comment: Odell becomes the second defensive tackle on my roster. One of the most underestimated players in Florida State history Odell finished his career with 16.5 sacks and 12 tackles for loss. He was drafted in the ninth round of the 1990 NFL draft. He also had a solo in the music video Seminole Rap (Youtube it if you haven't seen it). He is the current defensive tackles coach at Florida State.

Round 23

Bobby Butler-S- Boynton Beach, FL

Comment: Butler finished his career with 11 interceptions and six blocked kicks. He was taken 25th overall in the 1981 NFL draft. He played 12 seasons with the Falcons.

Round 24

J.T. Thomas-S-Macon, GA

Comment: My last pick may have had more of an impact on Florida State than any other player on my roster. Thomas was the first African American player in Florida State history. He was taken 25th overall and won four Superbowls as a part of the Steel Curtain defense.


While Geoff and Jason had fairly similar views as to who they wanted to take in this draft, I took a completely different approach. The amount of fantastic defensive players that have donned the Garnet and Gold is simply astounding. I knew that I would still be able to find value late in the draft so I chose to focus on the offensive side of the ball where there are less great players. It worked as I easily have the best offense of the three while still maintaining a defense that includes a Butkus award winner, a Jim Thorpe award winner, a Jack Tatum Trophy winner and six first round draft picks. I would also argue that while Geoff has the two best linebackers in Florida State history, I have three, four, and five on my roster.

On offense I have the best quarterback, running back, top three wide receivers and four consensus All-Americans on the offensive line. I went with a four wide set and my other wide receiver is also a consensus All American. The fifth offensive lineman was a two time Jacobs Blocking Trophy winner which is given to the best offensive lineman in the ACC. As for my specialists I picked up the only kicker to ever be taken in the first round and the best punter of the last two decades.

I went in with a plan and it worked to perfection. I easily have the most productive team in Florida State history and that is what I based my draft on. All in all I believe that my offense could score on both Jason and Geoff's defenses while my offense could hold both of theirs to a relatively low number. Also if it came down to a last second field goal my kicker can hit one from 63. Can theirs?

Why my team is the best.

1. Despite Geoff's assertion that he has the best OL I believe that I do. Production wise while at FSU this group cannot be argued against.

2. My offense is nasty. Try covering those four receivers and Dunn out of the backfield with Ward as a running threat.

3. I have more first round draft picks than both other teams.

4. The production of my team while at Florida State as a whole is easily the best.

What I Like/ Dislike about Geoff's team

Like: Geoff has an absolutely filthy set of linebackers and a very good offensive line.

Dislike: I think his pursuit of size led him to a point where he took players that were not as productive at Florida State. Not the biggest fan of his secondary. I like the Rolle pick, but I am suspect on the other three.

What I Like/Dislike about Staples' team

Like: Jason easily has the best defensive line of the three and I am a big fan of his secondary minus the Ramsey pick. I don't feel he has done enough to be on this list.

Dislike: Jason's offensive line is easily the worst of the three. I got exactly who I wanted while Geoff and Jason were left to fight over the more recent players.

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