Know Your Enemy: The Citadel Season Preview

We take a look at FSU's second opponent, The Citadel.

We continue our season previews with The Citadel.

Sigh. This one is barely worth discussing as it is bound to be a snoozer, but in the interest of thoroughness, the Bulldogs are members of the FCS Southern Conference and finished last season 5-7 with a loss to Clemson in their final game.

The Citadel uses the triple option offense while running a base 4-2-5 defense.

Florida State last played The Citadel in 2005 where the Seminoles won 62-10 after trailing 10-3 with only a minute remaining in the first half. Freshman Drew Weatherford threw for 342 yards, 2 TDS, and an INT in the win.

Unfortunately for The Citadel, they’ll be lucky if the game is even that close as FSU prepares for Clemson the following week. The best the Bulldogs can hope for is not to lose any players for the season in this one. Expect FSU to play its backups early and often in this one.


McGahee: 66-0 (Win Probability: 100%)

Staples: 63–0 (Win Probability: 100%)

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