McGahee: FSU vs. OSU Postgame Observations

Wayne McGahee gives his thoughts on Florida State's performance against Oklahoma State.

No. 1 Florida State came in on a 16 game win streak and the reigning national champions. Opening up as 18-point favorites against a team that lost the majority of their starters from a season ago was supposed to be a cakewalk, but at the end of the day it was anything but. Oklahoma State managed to hang around all game, but fell just short as Florida State recovered the Cowboys onside attempt. Here are my observations from the 37-31 Florida State victory. 1. Jameis Winston has to learn to trust his other receivers. He focused on Rashad Greene to the tune of 11 catches for 203 yards and a touchdown. No one else had over 5 catches and only Christian Green had over 40 yards. 2. Nile Lawrence-Stample will need to improve greatly if he wants to be the answer at nose tackle. If he isn’t, FSU will need very early production from true freshman Derrick Nnadi. 3. Florida State needed this kick in the rear. Despite everything Jimbo told them they seem to have “eaten the cheese,” as they overlooked a well-coached Oklahoma State team after grabbing an early lead. 4. The offensive line, particularly the tackles, got beat at the point of attack for most of the night. Every time Florida State tried to gain the edge the Cowboy defensive ends disrupted the play by neutralizing FSU’s perimeter blockers. 5. Florida State’s defensive line had difficulty producing a solid pass rush, leading to double-digit corner blitzes trying to get pressure. That pressure never really materialized, as Florida State was only able to notch one sack. 6. P.J. Williams still appeared hampered by the hamstring injury suffered during fall camp and had one of the worst games of his career. It will be interesting to see if he plays against the Citadel. 7. The linebackers, specifically, Smith and Northrup, played well against the run. They managed to plug the gaps and largely bottled up the Cowboy’s running game up the middle. They did have trouble with angles toward the sidelines on occasion, but against players not named Tyreek Hill it likely wouldn’t have been much of an issue. 8. Cason Beatty is still a weakness. 9. Aguayo needs to be kicking the ball out of the endzone. The kickoff return coverage was poor all game long. 10. Tyler Hunter needs a few sessions with the Jugs gun. He dropped a surefire pick early in the game and then mistimed his jump on what should have been another. 11. Even Jameis Winston has bad days. Fortunately for Florida State, Jameis Winston’s bad days are 370 yards, a rushing and passing touchdown, and a 62.5 completion percentage. He averaged 9.25 yards per attempt—higher than Kenny Hill had for Texas A&M against South Carolina on Thursday. Winston did have 2 interceptions, but both plays were the result of terrific plays by the Oklahoma State defense, even if they were not outstanding throws. Other Thoughts: 1. Todd Gurley is a man, even if he isn’t 40. Almost 300 total yards and 4 touchdowns in Georgia’s route of Clemson. 2. Clemson needs to go to Deshaun Watson immediately. It’s time to start preparing for the future and he is it. He looked great in the limited time he was on the field going 2/3 for 59 yards and a touchdown. 3. Virginia’s front seven is much better than I thought. They dominated the line of scrimmage against UCLA and made it nearly impossible for the Bruins to get anything going. 4. Ohio State is in a lot of trouble without Braxton Miller. They were in a dogfight with Navy all game, before being able to pull away at the end. They threw the football just 15 times while rushing 40.

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