Wayne McGahee III Reacts to FSU-NCST

Florida State fell behind 24-7 early against NC State, but outscored the Wolfpack 49-17 over the final three quarters on their way to a fifteen point victory.

FSU-NC State Reactions

1. Have to start with the tackling. It was abysmal. On NC State’s first touchdown Brissett sidesteps an easy sack and hits the wide-open man on Tyler Hunter’s busted coverage. This has been a problem all season, and at some point this season it is going to cost Florida State big if they don’t find a way to fix it.

2. Bobo Wilson has cemented himself as the No. 2 receiver. He was fantastic and was open all day long. Florida State really needed him to step up and he has.

3. Christian Green finally made it over the hump and got his first touchdown. Green’s grandfather passed away on Saturday morning and Jameis promised Green he would get him into the endzone. Hopefully this ends his mental block and he will find it a little more often.

4. In the came out of left field category we have Lorenzo Featherston being the best pass rusher on the team, at least until Thomas and Eligwe come back. NC State couldn’t block him and he caused multiple pressures.

5. The final score doesn’t look great, but when you consider that every point NC State scored after their first two touchdowns came when they had drives that started past their 40-yardline. 13 of those points came from drives that started inside the Florida State 30-yardline.

6. Karlos Williams finally started showing shades of what we thought he would be. He ran hard and showed good vision in his first hundred yard rushing game this season. Add in the three touchdowns and hopefully he has broken out of his shell as well.

7. Winston looked really good at times, and really bad at others. On his first fumble he had zero chance due to the offensive line play, but the two interceptions were awful. He stared down both Greene and O’Leary and it cost him. That being said most of his other throws were fantastic, specifically the throw to Green for his first touchdown.

8. The offensive line played better, but they still aren’t playing at the level that they should be at with five seniors. I would still like to see the line get shaken up with Erving moving to center.

9. The back seven was far from good yesterday. NC State receivers were wide open all game long and Brissett took advantage of it. It’s interesting that the two units that were considered the strongest points on the team, the offensive line and the secondary, are the weakest units on the field for the Seminoles.

10. It wasn’t pretty, but it was a win. That’s really all Florida State needs to do at this point. Get better each week and win. Everything else will sort itself out, but an undefeated Florida State is getting into the playoff.

Around the Country Reactions

1. I was wrong. Brissett is a very good quarterback and He is going to cause a lot of problems for the ACC this year and next.

2. The Ole Ball Coach has to be absolutely livid with his football team right now. Losing at home to a team that lost to Indiana last week is not what you do. Just goes to show how weak the SEC East is this year.

3. This week’s slate of games was absolutely awful. Next Week, however, is going to be incredibly entertaining. There are six matchups of top-25 teams including four with two top-15 teams. Luckily Florida State has what is essentially a bye week against Wake Forest.

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