Could Greg Dent Return To FSU?

Greg Dent's legal situation has been resolved. Could he find his way back onto the Florida State football team?

In June of 2013 Florida State receiver Greg Dent was arrested for sexual assault and kicked off the football team. A year later the Florida State receiver has been cleared of the sexual assault charge, but was found guilty of misdemeanor battery. Dent was sentenced to six months probation and time served for the battery.

On August 31st Dent tweeted out that he was planning on returning to Florida State and to the football team.

Jimbo Fisher was asked about the situation during Monday’s press conference, but would not commit on the subject.

I’m extremely happy for him. I think Greg is an outstanding young man, I always did, and we’ll address that when it comes,” Jimbo said. “I’m extremely happy for him if that’s what the court of law says. There are no winners in these type of situations I understand that. I’ve stayed in contact with Greg throughout this whole thing just to give him support. He’ll text us or we’ll text him after games or during the week to make sure things are going well. We’ve stayed in constant contact. Greg is one of our children and you have to be there and be very supportive.”

With Florida State’s image after the handling of the Jameis Winston sexual assault case it would be very hard for Fisher to welcome back Dent onto the football team. His noncommittal comments were probably the best way to answer the question, but he did leave the door open for Dent to return.