Early Season Offensive Grades

The Florida State Seminole's have played four games of the 2014 season, here are the early season grades for the offense.


Jameis Winston: 73-105, 991 yards, 7/4

Sean Maguire: 24-44, 332 yards, 1/2

The Good news is that it look liked the old Winston for much of the NCSU game on Saturday and one can hope that all the issues are finally in the rearview mirror. The 8 TD and 5 INT ratio is going to need to improve, but we are essentially talking about a few throws. Maguire gained valuable experience in the win vs. Clemson and there is no question that this position is better off now than at the beginning of the season because of it.

We would look for continued improvement from Winston and he has two weeks to really get comfortable.

The grade here is a "B", but it should be trending up.


Karlos Williams: 63-303, 5 TD

Dalvin Cook: 20-115, 2 TD

Mario Pender: 18-84, 2 TD

Quite a mixed bag from this position, but is it their fault? Yes and no. FSU has struggled to run the ball consistently, but have shown a proclivity to being able to run WHEN THEY NEED TO. Williams has 2-3 signature runs and seems to be finding himself. The weight gain has taken a step away, but make no mistake he can still fly. Pender may sit for a second week with a concussion which has opened the door for Cook to perform. The freshmen can use the rep's and FSU is in excellent shape here going forward as long as Pender returns. Both backs have been close to really breaking one and it is just a matter of time.

We would bet heavily on the run game improving as the season wears on, but as of today, this unit deserves a "C".


Rashad Greene: 35-543, 3 TD

Jesus Wilson: 12-300, 3 TD

Nick O'Leary: 14-156, 1 TD

Christian Green: 5-113, 1 TD

Talent wise FSU has excellent depth at the wide receiver position, but we have seen very little of it translate to production to this point in the season. Greene has been his normal sensational self and is making a run at the FSU record books. He makes plays, but more importantly makes plays when it really matters. He is the season's MVP to this point and one of the three best in the country. The return of Bobo Wilson has given a spark to the offense and he seems to be a clear cut no. 2 at this point.

Green made two plays Saturday and one can hope that it continues. O'Leary's numbers have to be seen as disappointing at this point and he seems to be capable of so much more. He was shut-out a week ago in the receptions department and that probably should not happen. Just a flash or two from Kermit Whitfield (6-63). Jarred Haggins seems to have been passed over so the production will need to come from freshmen Ermon Lane and Travis Rudolph. Rudolph made a great play Saturday that was very Greene-like.

Greene's performance elevates this to a "B+", but he is going to need help.


FSU's line was supposed to be the best in the country, but has not performed to that standard. Austin Barron has struggled at Center and the other four starters appear to be looking forward to the NFL. It is worth noting that this "tough love" is a product of just how high the expectations were for this unit, nevertheless those accolades were earned a year ago. As mentioned at RB, this unit has stepped up when it matters and talent wise there is no group that is better, but they need to become dominant from the opening snap.

Rumors of some position switching are out there, but we have yet to see anything concrete in that regard. There is some talented depth that may need to get a look.

This unit has earned a "C+", but it's best days should be in front of us.


The FSU offense has yet to morph into the juggernaut that it was a year ago, but there were certainly some real positive signs last Saturday on this side of the ball. This unit has scored 37, 37, 23, and 56 points which is nothing to sneeze at. The schedule sets up nicely as the next two weeks are glorified scrimmages before Notre Dame and Louisville. Look for this unit to improve and we project that after the next four games all these units will be playing a "B" or higher level.

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