Florida State Practice Report 9/30: Updated

Florida State is hoping to get back key components as they prepare to host Wake Forest.

Florida State was in full pads for the first time this week in preparation for Saturday’s game against Wake Forest. Starting defensive tackle Derrick Mitchell was not at practice again today due to the death of a family member. True freshman safety Trey Marshall was at practice, but was not dressed. Defensive end Mario Edwards Jr. and running back Mario Pender were both participating but had on non-contact jerseys. Defensive tackle Justin Shanks started practice on the stationary bike, but was participating fully in drills.

Linebacker Ukeme Eligwe continues to work with the first team field goal block unit. Eligwe was taking part in most of the linebacker drills, but did not take part in the fumble recovery drill that requires the linebackers to drop to the ground.

True Freshman Lorenzo Featherston was lined up opposite of Mario Edwards Jr. during defensive end drills while Jacob Pugh and Rick Leonard were the second team. Defensive ends coach Sal Sunseri was not pleased with Chris Casher’s effort and, told him “If you’re not going to participate go get on the bike.” Sunseri was also displeased with Demarcus Walker’s effort and let him know about it.

Post Practice Update:

Jimbo said that Eligwe is on pace to play after two very good practices and that both Mario Pender and Mario Edwards Jr. have looked great so far this week. He also said Chris Casher had a shoulder injury and was being held out some early in the practice.

In addition to the players listed in non-contact jerseys in the initial report Karlos Williams and Jacob Pugh were in non-contact jerseys at the end of practice. Jimbo said that after a running back gets that many carries in a game he will hold him out of contact that week.

Jimbo said that the team hasn’t played up to it’s potential yet, but he didn’t expect them too by now. He said that young players like Bobo need some time to get used to being in the spotlight before they can handle it, but that there are a lot of talented younger guys that are turning into good football players.