Preparation The Key For Wilson

Bobo Wilson's sophomore season started off rough, but he's playing at a very high level now.

Florida State receiver Jesus “Bobo” Wilson has had two very different starts to his sophomore season. On one side, Wilson stole another student’s motorized scooter and subsequently crashed it during the summer. Wilson was immediately suspended from the football team per Florida State University policy to suspend any athlete charged with a felony from athletic play until the legal process is concluded. Since it was his first offense, Wilson made restitution and was able to plead the felony grand theft auto charge down to two misdemeanors.

Head coach Jimbo Fisher elected to suspend him for the first game of the season against Oklahoma State.

“I knew I was going to make it back,” Wilson said. “I just have to learn from my mistakes and stay focused.”

On the other side, since his return from suspension Wilson has stepped into the second receiver role behind Senior Rashad Greene. In three games Wilson has 200-yards receiving and 3 touchdowns on 13 receptions. He had a break out 109-yard, 2 touchdown game against NC State last Saturday.

Fisher has taken notice of the work that Wilson has put in and where he has improved the most from last season.

“I think knowledge,” Fisher said. “He’s always had athleticism and I think his knowledge and his confidence. He’s done a great job and he has a lot of ability. He’s a very smart young man.”

Greene said he knew Wilson was going to be great this season due to how much work he was putting in.

“His preparation is what everything starts with,” Greene said. “What people don’t see on those practice field. The way he is learning and working hard. You guys just see it on Saturday, but I see it every day. I see him evolving as a young man and as a player. He’s learning and understanding all the details. He’s continuously staying dedicated. It’s not hard to go out and get better at something. It’s the discipline part. Can you do it continuously? Can you do it every day? He’s doing a great job of doing it every day.”

Wilson was rated as a 3-star receiver coming out of high school by most recruiting sites, including Scout. Wilson said he uses that as motivation.

“It motivated me a lot,” Wilson said. “In high school I wasn’t a 5-star and that’s what really motivated me because I knew I could have been. I didn’t really get caught up in it, but I just pushed myself and now it’s showing.”

When Wilson came in last season Greene and former Florida State defensive back Lamarcus Joyner took him under their wing and pushed him to be the best. Wilson says that the amount of work Greene puts in motivates him to work just as hard.

“When I first got here I was working out with Joyner and Rashad,” Wilson said. “It showed me that it’s good to put in extra work and that it will show on the field. They approached me because they saw that I had potential. They put me under their wings and it meant a lot because they’re veterans here. They’re the guys. They’re Rashad and Joyner.”

As for what’s next for Wilson, he said there is still something he wants to work on to prove everyone wrong.

“I want to work on my blocking,” Wilson said. “People think I’m too small to block, and I’ve got to prove them wrong.”

Wilson is just now emerging as one of Florida State’s elite players, but if his production can continue to match his preparation, Wilson will be a major factor in the Seminole offense for as long as he is at Florida State.