Wayne's Rapid Reaction

Florida State pulled off a sloppy win against Wake Forest today, but the rest of the College Football world found out just how hard it is to win this week.

FSU-Wake Reaction

1. Lorenzo Featherston is the best pass rusher on the team. The kid is a flat out stud. Even when he is making mistakes he is still making plays. He had 7 tackles and 2.5 tackles for loss in three quarters of play. Only Mario Edwards Jr. had more.

2. Mario Edwards Jr. spent most of the game on the interior of the defensive line and was a matchup nightmare for the Wake offensive line. He had 3 tackles for loss and a sack.

3. Jameis Winston was off tonight. Nothing else to be said, he has to play better. If Jimbo doesn’t leave him in for the first drive of the fourth quarter he has his first game without a touchdown pass in his career.

4. The Freshman receivers are emerging as go to targets. Rudolph and Lane were targeted quite a bit and led the team in receiving yards when Greene went out with a concussion.

5. The defense was much better as a whole. You could tell that the work that they put in on tackling fundamentals really paid off.

6. Florida State has to find someone that can snap the football. Jimbo Fisher wasn’t sure which hand Barron broke, but if it’s his snapping hand then Florida State will have to decide between Ryan Hoefield, who filled in tonight, and left tackle Cam Erving.

7. Mario Pender looked like the best running back on the team today. Karlos had a great first run, but had 26 yards on 9 carries after that. Pender led the team in rushing with 70 yards and a touchdown.

8. A couple weeks ago I said Tyler Hunter needed to be benched. I take that back. The past two weeks he has played extremely well and seems to be mentally over his injury.

9. Turnovers really cost this team early. They were moving the football and in rhythm before the Winston interception. They were moving again until the Williams fumble cost Florida State the only three points the team would allow. Williams in particular needs to hold the ball tighter to his body.

10. Roboto Automatico. He is a machine. He set the record for consecutive kicks made passing Graham Gano. If he doesn’t become the second player in history to win consecutive Groza awards they need to be abandon the award completely.

Around The Country

1. Oregon goes down on Thursday at home, Oklahoma lost at TCU, Alabama lost to Ole Miss for the first time in a decade, and Texas A&M gets destroyed by Mississippi State. 2,3,4,6, 14, 17, and 18 all lost this week with multiple top-25 games still to play. It shows you just how hard it is to win in college football.

2. The Florida State-Notre Dame game is looking like a top five matchup. Could Gameday be making a return trip to Tallahassee with both Alabama and Texas A&M losing?