Overreaction The Theme In New AP POLL

Florida State remains No. 1 in both the AP and Coaches Polls.

Florida State remains the No. 1 team in the country in the AP Poll and moves back to No. 1 in the Coaches poll after falling to second last week. Florida State received 35 first place votes, but is ahead of No. 2 Auburn, 23 first place votes, by just two points. This means that quite a few of the voters dropped Florida State to at least third or fourth on their ballots this week.

Five teams in the Top-8 and eleven teams in the Top-20 have lost over the past three days shaking up the college football world. Florida State handled Wake Forest 43-3, but it doesn’t seem enough for some of the voters. Brett McMurphy of ESPN had Arizona ranked as the No. 2 team in the country after their win over Oregon.

The same Arizona team that beat UT-San Antonio by 3 and needed a hailmary to beat Cal at home after being down by 22. Isn’t that the same thing Florida State is being punished for despite winning by 15 points against NC State? How about this Ballot that ranks undefeated TCU seven spots behind Oklahoma, the team they beat on Saturday?

This one still has LSU ranked after being destroyed by Mississippi State and Auburn in consecutive weeks.

The good thing is that this is only week six of the college football season and there is plenty of time left to figure out who the best teams are. Here is the Top-10 of the AP Poll.

1. Florida State (35) 1461

2. Auburn (23) 1459

3. Mississippi State (2) 1320

3. Ole Miss 1320

5. Baylor 1258

6. Notre Dame 1186

7. Alabama 1060

8. Michigan State 981

9. TCU 979

10. Arizona 951

Oklahoma State has moved up to No. 16, and Georgia Tech, the leader in the ACC Coastal division, is No. 23. Clemson moved back into the Coaches poll, but did not enter the AP Poll.



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