Kelly Still Angry over Pass Interference Call

Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly is still fuming about the pass interference call that changed the game in the fourth quarter.

Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly is still angry about the offensive pass interference call that cost his team the game-winning touchdown against Florida State on Saturday.

However, according to the rulebook the correct call was made.

To have pass interference (PI), either offensive or defensive, on the down in question, there must be a legal forward pass that crosses the neutral zone that is catchable. There must also be contact, but contact alone does not determine PI, there must be a restriction by the offending player.

Offensive Pass Interference – Contact beyond the neutral zone by a Team A player that interferes with a Team B eligible player. The three categories of OPI are:

1. 1) Blocking downfield before the ball has been touched (pick play).

2. 2) Shoving or pushing off of defender and creating separation.

3. 3) Driving through a defender who has established position.

Former Vice President of Officiating for the NFL and current FoxSports reporter Mike Pereira had this to say about the call.

Notre Dame used almost the exact same play to score on their first touchdown and Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher pointed it out to the officials.

“We said from the box in the first half that we thought they had run a play close to that,” Fisher said. “We said just be aware of it.”

Notre Dame had another chance to score on the following play, but Everett Golson’s pass was intercepted by true freshman Jacob Pugh. The Seminoles improved to 7-0 this season and 6-2 all time against the Fighting Irish.



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