Alleged Victim Requests Investigation Dropped

The alleged victim in the Karlos Williams domestic violence case has requested through an attorney that the case be dropped.

The Tallahassee Democrat has reported that the attorney representing the alleged victim has requested the Tallahassee Police Department (TPD) drop its investigation into a possible domestic battery involving Florida State running back Karlos Williams.

Attorney Nathan Prince told the Democrat that his client has not filed a complaint and did not notify TPD or FSU about any alleged domestic battery incident, nor will she speak to investigators.

As we previously reported, the investigation stems from pictures the alleged victim posted on social media that were suggestive of domestic violence. TPD was notified of the photos by a third party and began an investigation on that basis.

Whether Williams is innocent or guilty, that the alleged victim has requested the investigation be dropped is no surprise. This request would obviously be made if Williams is innocent, but it is also common even for legitimate victims of domestic violence to resist charges being brought in domestic cases for a variety of reasons ranging from the desire for a continued relationship to concerns about the potential economic impact of charges (sure to be an issue in this case given Williams' NFL hopes).

For this reason, charges in domestic cases are brought by the state prosecutor, not by the victim, meaning the alleged victim has no real say in whether the investigation proceeds or if charges are brought. TPD is therefore legally obligated to continue the investigation until it reaches a conclusion on whether evidence exists that warrants charges. It is far more difficult, however, for the police to investigate such potential crimes if the alleged victim does not cooperate and there are no other witnesses to the events in question.

None of this means Williams is guilty or innocent, but one thing is certain: There is likely no way FSU can handle this situation that will satisfy the media and, in turn, the public.




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