Did UM's Advantage Fall With The Orange Bowl

Florida State is heading back to Miami where the Seminoles haven't lost in a decade.

The old Orange bowl was a place that no team wanted to play. Things went wrong. Field goals were missed. National Championships were lost. It added to the mystique of the U during the 1980’s and early 2000s. Florida State posted a 15-16 record in the Orange Bowl, but most Seminoles fans will remember it for the 31-0 loss in 1988 when the ‘Noles were preseason No. 1, Wide Right II in 1992 and Wide Left in 2002.

The Orange Bowl was demolished in May of 2008, and the Hurricanes moved to Sun Life Stadium where the Dolphins play. Since that move Miami is 0-3 against Florida State at home and 1-5 overall. During those three home games Florida State has outscored Miami 119-76 with the Seminoles winning the last two games by double digits. Head coach Al Golden is currently 0-3 against Florida State.

Miami has struggled with attendance since moving to Sun Life, but this year has been worse than normal. For the Miami-Cincinnati game tickets were down to as low as 88-cents.

It was also the game that Miami inducted its 2014 Hall of Fame class that included Andre Johnson and Clinton Portis. The official announced attendance for that game was 43,000. Judging from the picture below that figure seems rather generous.

Florida State will have its hands full against a much-improved Miami team, but with Seminole fans buying the extra tickets, Miami’s home field advantage may be neutralized.



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