What Does FSU-UM Mean To The Players?

To the Seminole players, Florida State-Miami is more than just a game.

There are many great rivalries in college football, but Florida State-Miami is on the short list at the top. The teams have met 58 times and 14 of them have been Top-10 matchups. Miami currently holds the edge in the series 31-27, but Florida State has won five of the last six and four straight. Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher is currently undefeated against the Hurricanes, with the Seminoles dominating the scoreboard 142 to 70.

As big as the Florida State-Miami game is for Seminole fans it is even more so for the players. Many of Florida State’s players are from that area and have grown up living this rivalry.

Florida State running back Karlos Williams talked about growing up as a Florida State fan watching this game.

“I grew up a Florida State fan and there are two teams you’re supposed to hate,” Williams said. “You’re supposed to hate Miami and Florida. We do like Miami better than we do like Florida though.

Williams isn’t from Miami, but growing up in the state he has a great respect for this rivalry.

“It’s insane,” Williams said. “It means a lot. Those guys always play tough whether we play here or there. A lot of great guys that have played in the NFL have come out of this rivalry for both Florida State and Miami. It definitely means a lot, especially for the guys from down south.”

Sophomore receiver Bobo Wilson grew up in Miami. However, the Hurricanes didn’t offer him until very late in his recruitment, and he says he’s been playing with a chip on his shoulder because of it. He did play with multiple Miami players when he was younger and said it’s a brotherhood between those guys.

“Pop Warner was competitive,” Wilson said. “Everybody knew each other. If you played running back everyone was watching you. If you played receiver everyone knew who you were. It’s a brotherhood. It’s all love. We just have to go out there and compete, but once we line up it ain’t a brotherhood I can tell you that right now.”

Rashad Greene lived in South Florida during his high school years, and he believes that every Miami player has one thing in common.

“For me what they all have in common is they talk to much,” Greene said. “From a football perspective they all have that swag, that demeanor, and that confidence about themselves. They’re very good and they know it.”

Greene went on to talk about what it would be like to never lose to the Hurricanes.

“It would mean a lot,” Greene said. “It would give me bragging rights for ever. I could honestly say that I had never been beaten by Miami and that would be a great thing.

For the players from south Florida, and even for the players from other areas, this game is more than just a game. It’s personal.




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