Winston Hearing Postponed until December 1

Winston hearing December 1, decision expected in January

Florida State has postponed Jameis Winston’s code of conduct hearing until December 1, as first reported by USA TODAY Sports’ Rachel Axon. The hearing was initially scheduled for the week of November 17, but Winston’s attorney, David Cornwell, requested a delay in the hearing on the basis of his availability and the extent of the over 900-page case file related to the hearing released last week.

The hearing will be overseen by retired Florida Supreme Court justice Major Harding (79), who will determine whether Winston violated any of four sections of Florida State student code of conduct, two pertaining to sexual assault and two related to endangerment.

Because of winter break, the delay may push the final decision in the case until after the national championship game, at which point Winston or his accuser would have another ten days to request an appeal.

The upshot for Florida State fans is that Winston’s football status this season will not be affected by this hearing, though it now appears likely that he will indeed go through the hearing.




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