Florida Bar President issues statement

Following comments made by one of Jameis Winston's accuser's attorney, the Florida Bar president has issued a statement.

The president of the Florida Bar, Gregory Coleman, issued a statement regarding the statements made by Blaine Kerr regarding Justice Major Harding. Kerr, one of the attorneys for Jameis Winston’s accuser, was displeased with the results of the Code of Conduct hearing that was presided over by Justice Harding involving his client and Jameis Winston.

Kerr’s comments are available here.

Coleman’s statement is below

"Comments in a recent AP news article attributed to Baine Kerr, a Colorado attorney who represents the young woman accusing Florida State University quarterback Jameis Winston, are too outrageous for me to ignore.

"Major Harding, a former chief justice of the Florida Supreme Court who presided over the FSU code of conduct hearing, is one of the most highly respected lawyers in Florida and in the United States. To say that he is anything but thoroughly unbiased and of the highest integrity is unacceptable.

"I have known Harding for nearly 20 years. His reputation and integrity are beyond question and thousands of lawyers would agree. FSU President John Thrasher's recognition of Harding for conducting a thorough hearing was on target. Kerr's comments were completely off-base and irresponsible.

"It is unfortunate that Kerr chose to attack someone like former Supreme Court Justice Harding. I would caution Kerr to follow his oath as an attorney to be professional and to maintain the respect due to all who are unquestionably dedicated to fairness and impartiality."

Gregory W. Coleman is the 2014-15 president of The Florida Bar, the statewide professional and regulatory organization for more than 100,000 lawyers admitted to practice in Florida. He is a West Palm Beach attorney with the firm Critton Luttier Coleman.



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