Odds Catch up with Florida State

Florida State had been riding the nations longest winning streak, but that came to a crashing halt on Thursday night when an absolutely abysmal third quarter sealed the game.

It was a comical effort from the defensive coaches, the defensive players, and everyone affiliated with the program from the top down.

There was no evidence that FSU prepared for this game at all. They looked completely surprised by the speed at which Oregon played at, there was nothing special defensively at all, and when plays were there to be made, FSU figured out a way to not make them.

Oregon came out picking on Nate Andrews (and succeeded), Tyler Hunter was consistently in the wrong position, there was absolutely no pass rush, and Demarcus Walker and Chris Casher made a living doing the wrong thing on the read option.

In other words there was nothing good on defense tonight.

Offensively FSU was alright until they turned into a Pop Warner team and turned the ball over every chance they had in the second half.

Nothing else needs to be said about this game. FSU will certainly lose some players to the 2015 NFL Draft, but plenty of talent will return.

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