Handicapping the 2015 QB Race

The battle that every Florida State fan will be watching in the Spring is at the quarterback position. After having Christian Ponder, E.J. Manuel, and Jameis Winston the 'Noles have been on a great run at the QB position, will it continue?

The Candidates

Sean Maguire, RS Junior

Skinny: Maguire started-- and won-- his only game of the 2014 season against Clemson. While he was not brilliant, he did enough to win the game and should enter the Spring as the odds-on favorite to win the job.

Recruited as a 3-star QB the same year as Jameis Winston, he was a developmental second QB that possesses a good head for the game. It was well known at the time that he was years away from starting at a place like FSU and those years are now in the rear-view mirror. He does not possess the upside of a Winston or Manuel, however he will not be asked to play the game the same way. More of a game manager, Maguire's job will be to limit turnovers and get the ball into the hands of the many play-makers on the roster.

His edge in the QB competition should come from his overall comfort level in the offense and knowing where to go with the football. The game should also be the “slowest” for him.

The biggest negative with Maguire is that he may not possess the raw ability to throw FSU back into a game. IE- if FSU gets down 14+ points, is Maguire going to be able to lead the comeback? As with all these QBs, there are significant question marks.

J.J. Cosentino, RS Freshmen

Skinny: Cosentino was a coveted QB (top 20 in country) that Jimbo landed early in the process. He was straight up brilliant at FSU camp before his senior season where he displayed the ability to make every throw out there. At 6-foot-4 he has ideal size and is a better athlete than he is generally given credit for.

While he will start in the 2 (or 3) hole, it will not be much of a surprise if he begins to win the job in the Spring. Simply put, he is more talented than Maguire and has more upside.

As the 3rd or 4th team QB in 2014, Cosentino did not receive a lot of “real reps”, thus he will be learning as he goes during the Spring. Maguire has 4 years in the offense, that is a pretty sizeable edge, at least in the beginning.

John Franklin, RS Sophomore

Skinny: An exceptional athlete, Franklin was picked up a year after the Winston/Maguire combination because of his position versatility. Has cross trained at FSU (WR), but this might be as good of opportunity as he has to start at FSU at quarterback.

He is not going to be the most consistent passer, but he is a real weapon any time he gets outside the pocket or the play breaks down. Jimbo has show a proclivity to liking many of the intangibles that Franklin possesses and with a new offensive line, a new no. 1 WR, a new TE, he might be the best “fit” for FSU (at least in the short term).

The major thing that Franklin needs to improve on is his accuracy. He needs to be much more consistent on the short to intermediate range throws. This is probably a year or two early for Franklin as well timeline wise, he likely could use a year at least as the primary back-up.


Braxton Miller, Senior

The Skinny: Is he going to come? Does it matter? After all Miller is re-habbing an injury and will not be able to enroll at a school until the summer and he may not be quite ready to go full bore at that time. That does not leave a lot of wiggle room for Miller to be able to win the job. We view Miller as a long-shot to make that type of impact at FSU when all is said and done.

DeAndre Johnson, Freshmen

The Skinny: As die hard of a Seminole that has existed, Johnson was commit no. 1 in this class and he was able to enroll early. If FSU is going with a game manager (Maguire), why couldn't it be Johnson? That has to be his line of thinking entering the Spring. Still........it will take a Herculean effort for him to be the starter.

Deondre Francois, Freshmen

The Skinny: It appears that he will sign with FSU and he may immediately vault to “FSU's most talented” signal caller the day he steps on campus. As we have been saying since he committed, this kid has ALL the things that Jimbo looks for in a QB. Can he learn the playbook? Can he execute? Will the team rally around him? All intriguing questions. He would have had a far better chance if he enrolled early.

Kai Locksley, Freshmen

The Skinny: Long long long long long shot to be the starter for a myriad of reasons. First he has to sign on the dotted line. Then he needs to come a long way in a short period of time as a QB. Would be appear to be on the Franklin plan. Plus athlete that will be given time to develop at QB, if it does not work out we will see him at a different position.

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