The Latest on 8 Prospects

We are only about 48 hours until signing day is officially here, NoleDigest has the absolute latest from the recruiting trail in this installment of fearless predictions.

Not Committed Group

1. Jordan Scarlett, RB

Skinny: Scarlett made an early commitment to FAU then switched it up to Miami where he was committed until Sunday. He opened things back up and will decide tonight between FSU, UF, and Miami. There would seem to be little reason to de-commit from Miami only to commit to them the next day (or re-commit). So this looks like a UF and FSU battle. The case for UF centers on the depth chart. The case for FSU is that clearly the program is in a lot better shape right now.

Plenty of information indicates both teams should feel confident, but we think this one goes to the Gators. FSU slow-played Scarlett and at the end of the day the UF depth chart is just too enticing.

2. Terry Beckner, DL

Skinny: FSU has quietly led for much of the way with Beckner and were clearly the leader heading into his trip to Missouri. It appears that MU gave Beckner something to think about and we are are in waiting mode at this point.

We are going to stick with the FSU prediction here until we hear something concrete where that is not the case.

3. Shelton Johnson, DE

Skinny: Johnson got sick and did not make the official visit to FSU as planned last weekend. No worries as FSU sent coaches down to see Johnson. This is a FSU or Miami battle and FSU has been in the driver seat for much of the process. About the only case for Miami is the depth chart and there are rumors that Johnson's mother would like him closer to home. However we feel that Johnson wants to play his football in Tallahassee and we expect him to ink with FSU on Wednesday.

4. Iman Marshall, DB

Skinny: FSU has been sledding uphill with Marshall as USC has held a sizeable edge throughout the process. FSU definitely gave Marshall something to think about on his official visit, but this has the feeling of being the "bridesmaid" yet again on a California recruit. It is hard to bet against USC.

Can FSU flip.....

5. Minkah Fitzpatrick, DB

Skinny: FSU has been a strong no. 2 to Alabama througout the process and have not gone away. Unlike some of the above, FSU has the depth chart thing in their favor here and Fitzpatrick clearly is interested. Very interested. We make a point to not predict committed kids into the class so we will stay under 50% here, but it is a trending 46% at this point. Can FSU get over the hump? Reasonable chance.

6. Davante Davis, DB

Skinny: This is a prospect that has run the gamut in terms of recruiting. He has been slowplayed, then amped up, then slowplayed, etc. He ended up committing to Texas, but has hosted a number of coaches and there is still a chance that he winds up somewhere in the state of Florida. Both FSU and Miami are trying to make that happen and we feel FSU has some shot, but not a great one.

Could FSU lose any commitments?

7. Deondre Francois, QB

Skinny: Strange strange strange recruitment for a QB. Francois committed to FSU, but did not get in town during the season. Took his official to FSU where everything seemed to be done. However he ended up visiting UF, had a little twitter episode where he de-committed, and now things are very much up in the air.

We think he sticks, but expect there to be some worry over the next 48 hours.

8. Kai Locksley, QB

Skinny: This one would surprise us if he stuck. Almost all information had him pegged for Texas when he committed to FSU and now we are right back to where we started with him choosing between the two schools. Texas has a wide open depth chart and we expect Locksley to flip in the next 24 hours.

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