Noles Hit Stretch Run to Draft

The 2015 NFL Draft is less than 30 days away. Former FSU players, now NFL prospects, have completed the NFL Combine as well as their pro day. The rumors and mis-information will reach a fever pitch over the next month, Geoff Vogt takes a look at where each prospect's ceiling and floor is.

Jameis Winston, quarterback

Ceiling: First Round. First Pick. Tampa Bay needs a QB and Winston has worked himself into position to be the top player chosen in the draft.

Floor: First Round. Pick 5. The train seems to be rolling to the no. 1 overall pick, but there are some question marks and some things that as push comes to shove could slide him down a few picks.

Fearless Forecast: First Round. First Pick. We think Winston is the best QB prospect since Andrew Luck and when you view his college on field career, he is far superior to guys like Matthew Stafford, Sam Bradford, or even Cam Newton (all former no. 1 overall picks). We do not think he will need much time to get his feet wet and produce.

Cam Erving, Offensive Line

Ceiling: 1st Round. Erving started at tackle, center, and defensive tackle and played at a reasonable level at each of those spots. Really has some upside at the Center spot.

Floor: 2nd Round. We feel like it would be towards the top of round 2 as well, but while he is consistent, he may lack the one outstanding quality that first rounders typically have.

Fearless Forecast: 1st Round. There is just too much to like here.

Eddie Goldman, defensive tackle

Ceiling: 1st Round. Guys 330+ are not supposed to move like this. His ceiling as a player is in the top 10 players in the draft.

Floor: 2nd Round. Goldman has a major problem with consistency and motivation and those qualities are not endearing to NFL squads.

Fearless Forecast: 2nd Round. Despite the physical attributes his lack of motor will cost him some money on draft day. Teams are tired of getting nothing out of defensive linemen. He won't make it past the 10th pick in the 2nd round, but we feel he just misses round one.

Mario Edwards, defensive line

Ceiling: 1st Round. Tools. That is all that could drive him to round one, but he has them and he showed them at the pro day when he was in top shape.

Floor: 4th Round. After playing for three years overweight, NFL teams may shy away from beleiving that the weight issues are behind him. Where does he fit?

Fearless Forecast: 2nd Round. The NFL is about projection and Edwards will be one of the more high risk/high reward types that are in the draft.

P.J. Williams, cornerback

Ceiling: 1st Round. Williams ran better yesterday at his pro day and we feel he is a better fit for NFL defenses than teammate Ronald Darby.

Floor: 3rd Round. It would really take something to push him down this far, but it is possible. Film is not as good as it could be and even with the better pro day timing, there are some concerns with his overall speed and athleticism.

Fearless Forecast: 2nd Round. He just did not make enough impact plays to land in round 1. He may be a steal for someone however and is one of the prospects that we are highest on. Very under-rated.

Tre Jackson, Offensive Guard

Ceiling: 2nd Round. Pop in the tape of him opening up running lanes.

Floor: 3rd Round. He does not have a great body and he needs work on pass protection.

Fearless Forecast: 2nd Round. His overall body of work is a strong one, was consistent throughout the process, and carries very little risk. That is a good combination for a guard.

Ronald Darby, cornerback

Ceiling: 1st Round. Darby has very real speed, a strong build, and plenty of starting experience. His reputation kept teams from trying him too much.

Floor: 3rd Round. Darby has almost no ball skills and is not the most physical CB that we have ever seen. Does not change direction as well as he could.

Fearless Forecast: 2nd Round. This would be a good spot for Darby as expectations would not be out of whack. Darby could play 10-15 years in the NFL.

Rashad Greene, wide receiver

Ceiling: 2nd round. FSU's best receiver the past two seasons is mister clutch. When FSU needed a play, he produced. One of the best to ever wear garnet and gold.

Floor: 4th Round. Despite Greene's production he has a slight build and is not all that fast on the clock (4.5). Given the ridiculous depth of the wide receiver class he could fall further than expected. The NFL does not care that he is a FSU legend.

Fearless Forecast: 3rd Round. We feel this will be a steal for someone, but some place after pick 60 will be where he ends up going.

Josue Matias, offensive guard

Ceiling: 2nd Round. Absolute physical speciman (looking) with 2.5 years of good film.

Floor: 4th Round. Did not test out like the freak that he looks like. Failed to show the potential to play RT. Average in pass pro.

Fearless Forecast: 3rd Round. Towards the end. Matias is one of the prospects that is hardest to judge, but this seems to be the consensus general area that he will land.

Nick O'Leary, Tight End

Ceiling: 2nd Round. This may be a bit optimistic but it is a weak TE draft class and O'Leary is as proven as they come. Teams looking for a TE that can have some versatility may love O'Leary.

Floor: 5th Round. He is short, not very fast, and does not have much upside. These things may hurt his stock on draft day.

Fearless Forecast: 3rd Round. Nick will give 1,000 percent and NFL teams will know that. He won't make it to round 4.

Karlos Williams, running back

Ceiling: Round 4. Karlos has first round talent, but a disappointing 2014 season, both on and off on the field have hurt his draft stock.

Floor: Undrafted. It would be hard to imagine, but he could go undrafted given the nature of the running back position and his lack of production (in the grand scheme of things).

Fearless Forecast: Round 6. By the 6th round his intriguing upside will be too much to pass up.

Bobby Hart, offensive line

Ceiling: 4th Round. He is still very young, he did not red-shirt, and has the body to play on Sunday.

Floor: Undrafted. Hart was far too inconsistent, never appeared to be a gamer, and has a lot of things that he needs to work on.

Fearless Forecast: 7th Round. Someone takes a shot at him at this spot.

Scoring at Home

First Round: 2

Second Round: 4

Third Round: 4

Fourth Round: 0

Fifth Round: 0

Sixth Round: 1

Seventh Round: 1

Kevin Haplea (TE), Christian Green (WR), and Nick Waisome (CB) sign as undrafted free agents.

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